Aluminised Fire Proximity Suit Manufacturers in Tripura

Aluminized Fire Proximity Suit

An Aluminised Fire Proximity Suit Or Fire Fighting Suit, made by Hicare Protective Wear in Tripura, India is explicitly built to protect against fire and radiant heat.

Aluminised Fire Proximity Suit
Aluminised Fire Proximity Suit

ALUMASTER™ by Hicare is a premier Aluminized Fire Proximity Suit that offers exceptional protection from heat and extreme environmental conditions. These suits are designed to reflect 95% of radiant heat and are designed explicitly for high heat and extreme temperature scenarios.

In this industry, we are a prominent manufacturers and exporters in Tripura, India. We make only high-quality Aluminized Fire Proximity Suits that can resist and protect against the most intense heat and flames.

Specifications Of Aluminised Fire Proximity Suit

Outer Coating Reflects up to 95% of radiant heat due to the properties of the aluminized outer shell.
Center Coating The middle layer features woven flame-resistant fabric for superior protection.
Inner Layer (1) The neoprene-coated fabric serves as an effective vapour barrier, enhancing waterproof performance.
Inner Layer (2): This Layer is made up of 100% Cotton FR Fabric, certified to EN ISO 11612, A1, B1, C1, C4.
Fabric Weight 440 grams Per Square Meter (GSM)
Temperature Range Radiant Heat 600 to 800 °C
Brand: alumaster
Test & Certifications: Aluminized Fire Proximity Suit A1, B1, C1

Design And Features

  • A Jacket with Velcro closure and a fire-resistant zipper hidden under a flap in the outer shell
  • Trousers featuring waist elasticity and adjustable fire-resistant suspenders.
  • Fireman helmet with a visor-equipped hood, compliant with IS-2745 standards.
  • Insulated and wool-lined gloves with flame-resistant linings.
  • High-quality footwear with Neoprene soles for superior oil skid and heat resistance.
  • The garment is stitched with EN 388, EN 407 durable aramid thread.
  • The free size ensures a comfortable fit for all.

Temperature Range Of Aluminized Suit

The Aluminized fire proximity suit protects firefighters and industrial workers from severe radiant and convective heat at 600 to 800 degrees Celsius (932 to 1112 degrees Fahrenheit).

Stringent Test and Certifications: EN ISO 11612 -A1, B1, C1, C4

Hicare's Aluminised Fire Proximity Suit have been attentively tested and approved by the strict EN ISO 11612 standards. With this certification, users can ensure this will keep them safe. Read more about the certifications:

Limited Flame Spread(A1):
A1 fabrics withstand rapid flame propagation from tiny ignition sources. It protects against flash flames and gives wearers time to evacuate safely. A1-rated materials protect workers in high-risk industries.
Convective heat (B1):
Protective gear standards like EN ISO 11612 demand B1 performance. B1-certified fabrics withstand convective heat. Hot air or gases carry convective heat. B1-certified materials protect the wearer from convective heat in hot air or gas conditions. This certification protects workers from convective heat dangers in high-temperature or intense heat radiation hazards.
Radiant heat (C1):
Radiant heat (C1) is the first heat energy to reach outside the fire proximity suit during firefighting or other high-heat activities. The aluminized coating on the case is designed to reflect a lot of this radiant heat away from the user, lowering the risk of burns and other injuries caused by heat.

Advantages Of Aluminised Fire Proximity Suit

As a leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Aluminised Fire Proximity Suits in Tripura, we create garments that can withstand intense heat and flame. Here are some Advantages of this Suit.

Full Body coverage
This suit is designed to cover the whole body, including the hand, feet and head. This Comprehensive Coverage offers the highest level of protection from heat and fire.
Multi-layered Protection
Using thermal, vapour, and flame-resistant layers, these suits defend against heat, steam, and flames.
Flame-Resistant Gloves
Flame-resistant Gloves often come with this suit to protect from the heat and make them easier to move the hands.
To ensure a secure fit, adjustable cuffs, waistbands, and collars are often features of this Suit. This will ensure the clothing fit, improve movement, and stop heat or flame from getting in.

Applications of Fire Proximity Suit

This garment protects the wearer from high-intensity fire, flames and other hazards. They are used in industries where personnel risk heat-related injuries or must perform crucial operations near fires.

Fire Fighting
Industrial Applications
Industrial Operations
Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF)
oil and gas industry
Oil and Gas Industry
hot work
Hot Work
Emergency resue operations
Emergency Rescue Operations
military applications
Military Applications
Fire training
Fire Training

Our Assortment of Available Products

Dealing with intense temperatures and heat is a challenging task. Having the appropriate safety gear can make a huge difference between staying safe and being vulnerable in dangerous situations. At Hicare protective wear, we understand that every life is important; we have made it our mission to become experts in delivering extensive fire safety products. This makes us knowledgeable manufacturers and exporters in Tripura, India. Read more about our intensive product ranges:

Fire proximity Suit
Our Fire Suits are made to protect people who work close to flames and other sources of high heat. The fact that these suits meet foreign safety standards like EN 1486 and NFPA1971 shows how committed we are to meeting the highest safety standards. Whether you're a firefighter, an emergency responder, or a worker in an industry setting, our fire proximity suits will protect you from the uncertain nature of fire-related work.
Silver Aluminized Suit
The silver aluminized suit is an Innovative material, with a coating of bright silver fabric stitched onto its outside. This fabric reflects radiant heat away and keeps its wearer cool, protecting them from burns and letting them wear the garment for extended periods in comfort. Firefighters, those who work in foundries, and those who work in other hot environments will benefit from this outfit.
Aluminized Fireman Suit
The Aluminized Fireman Suit has a specific design, comprising an outer layer patterned with reflective aluminized material. This helps the wearer in low-light conditions. This clever composition deflects tremendous heat and helps to bring down the internal temperature. This Aluminized Fireproof Suit, designed to fit the specific requirements of firefighters, has proven worth in life-or-death situations.

We Supply Our Products At The Following Cities Of Tripura

Agartala, Amarpur, Ambasa, Barjala, Belonia, Dhalai, Dharmanagar, Gomati, Kailāshahar, Kamalpur, Khowai, North Tripura, Ranir Bazar, Sabrum, Sonamura, South Tripura, Udaipur, Unakoti, West Tripura.

Why Choose Us ?

At Hicare Safety Solutions, We insist on the highest standards of excellence in all we do. Our aluminized fire proximity suits are made from high-quality materials to keep you safe in dangerous fire situations. Our goods are tested extensively and are made to exceed global safety requirements.

We are a Tripura-based business, thus we are familiar with the requirements and regulations governing workplace safety in India. We understand the specific needs of the regional market and have extensive experience meeting those demands.

We respect your time and are ready to solve your concerns about personal security. We are a manufacturer & Exporter in Tripura, thus we can guarantee timely and reliable shipping throughout India. Contact Us today for your Safety Needs.

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