Aluminised Hand Gloves

Aluminised Hand Gloves Manufacturers

Are you seeking reliable hand protection in high-temperature environments? Hicare Protective Wear proudly offers its Aluminised Hand Gloves in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. These gloves are perfect for metallurgy, foundries, welding, and other industries that require protection from intense heat and radiation temperatures.

Aluminised Hand Gloves

Aluminised Hand Gloves are essential for safeguarding users against intense heat. These gloves, crafted from Aluminised Para-Aramid fibers, find widespread use in environments like factories and foundries, where workers encounter extreme heat and open flames, necessitating flame-resistant personal protective equipment. Aside from their flame-resistant properties, these gloves also ensure user comfort during work.

We are the best manufacturers and Exporters of Aluminised Hand Gloves In Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Specifications of Aluminised Hand Gloves.

Outer Layer Made from 480 GSM Aluminised Fiberglass Fabric
Inner Lining Woollen Heat Resistant lining with FR fabrics
Temperature Resistance Withstands Temperatures up to 1000°C (Radiant heat)
Size Available in 14" & Customization options available as per requirements
Model: HICARE ™
Test/Certifications NFPA
EN ISO 11612 - A1, A2, B1,C4,D3,E3

Application Of Aluminised Hand Gloves

Furnace Operations
Furnace Operations
Glass Manufacturing
Glass Manufacturing
Automotive Industry
Automotive Industry

Certification: EN ISO 11612 - A1, A2, B1, C4, D3, E3

The EN ISO 11612 certification standardizes heat and flame resistance in apparel. EN ISO 11612 certification means a garment has been rigorously tested to protect against heat and flame dangers.

A1 - Limited Flame Spread (Index 1):
fabric's resistance to flame spread.
Lower fire and flame spread.
A2 - Limited Flame Spread (Index 2):
Offers higher resistance to flame spread.
Enhanced protection against ignition and flame propagation.
B1 - Convective Heat (Index 1):
Protects against flame and hot air heat transmission.
A higher index indicates increased protection from convective heat.
C4 - Radiant Heat (Index 4):
Shields against intense radiant heat sources.
A high index signifies superior radiant heat resistance.
D3 - Heat Transfer (Index 3):
Prevents conductive and convective heat transmission.
Helpful in the fight against burns.
E3 - Molten Aluminium Splash (Index 3):
Withstands exposure to molten aluminum splashes.
A higher index offers improved protection from this hazard.

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