Hot Oil Steam Splash Suit

Hot Oil Steam Splash Suit Manufacturers

Hicare Protective Wear is a trusted Manufacturers and Exporters In Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Our Hot Oil Steam Splash Suit is evidence of our innovative range of Safety Gear. Professionals working in hot liquid or steam will need this suit to ensure safety in their working conditions.

A hot oil steam splash suit is a particular piece of clothing that protects workers from the dangers of splashes of hot liquids, steam, and oil. This suit is designed with modern components and careful craftsmanship to provide an essential layer of defense for people who work in hazardous conditions.

Hot Oil Steam Splash Suit

The Hot Oil Steam Splash Suit is a multi-layered garment constructed with NCM-quoted material, ensuring reliable protection against intense heat, fire waves, and high-pressure steam surges. We offer both one-piece suits and coats with trousers options to cater to various industry requirements. Our garments are widely supplied to industries such as cement, oil and gas, refineries, chemical plants, power plants, and power generation units.

Specifications of Hot Oil Steam Splash Suit

  • The coat prioritizes protection while minimizing user discomfort.
  • The coat has a front zipper with an overlapping Velcro flap.
  • The coat's sleeves feature elastic wrist cuffs.
  • The coat is stitched with flame-resistant and strong Kevlar thread.
  • The pants feature a heavy-duty elastic waist with suspenders and adjustable loops, along with elastic cuffs at the bottom.
  • FR thread is used consistently throughout the garment's production.
Gloves The gloves are crafted for optimal comfort while providing a high level of protection.
Hood With Visor
  • The hood is intended to encompass the entire head region, extending over the shoulders, and is equipped with a tinted polycarbonate visor.
  • The hood is equipped with two fastening mechanisms to secure it firmly in place on the head.
Shoe Cover Design
  • The shoe cover provides full protection and maximum comfort.
  • The shoe cover offers three fastening options for a comfortable fit.
Brand steam-safe
Test and Certifications Hot Oil Steam Splash Suits
EN 11612, ISO 15025 & 388
ISO 9151
ISO 6942, ISO 6530
ISO 17493, ISO 13937-2.

Features Of Hot Oil Steam Splash Suit

  • We use NCM Provided material for Hot Oil Steam Splash Suit, crafted expertly with a multi-layered garment.
  • This suit is designed to withstand a person from intense heat, fire waves, and high high-pressure steam surges. The case comes in a single-piece suit or as a coat and pants set.
  • Wearers can work in a dangerous situation without any concern because of the advanced design of the Hot Oil Steam Splash Suit. This will help them focus on their job without considering their health at risk.
  • The inner layer of the garment is made of advanced composite fabrics designed to deflect and resist sharp moisture. This keeps the user dry and comfortable.
  • The seams along the edges of the Hot Oil Steam Splash Suit have been meticulously sealed so liquids can't get inside the suit. The user stays warm and the suit will protect from any condaminations.
  • Whether you choose the full one-piece suit or the coat and pants combination, the design includes adjustable parts like closures and straps to ensure each wearer gets a comfortable and safe fit.

Advantages of Steam Splash Suit

Exceptional Durability:
Our Suit is made up of rugged materials so that they can handle any challenging circumstances of work the wearer is doing. This will ensure the workers can do their job without facing difficult situations.
Safety During Pressure Waves:
Our suits are made to handle sudden releases of energy or high-pressure environments. This makes them the best choice for businesses that deal with power or high pressure.
Tailored Comfort:
Our suits can be tailored to the wearer's specific measurements for a perfect fit and ease of mobility.
Made with Heat Resistance:
Manufactured with high-level temperature resistance, our suits let professionals work confidently in places where high temperatures are always a problem.
Maintaining a Capable Workforce:
By prioritizing the safety of your workforce with our suits, you contribute to the long-term sustainability of your organization by reducing workplace accidents and injuries.

Application Of Hot Oil Steam Splash Suit

Petrochemical Industry
Petrochemical Industry
Energy and Power Generation
Energy and Power Generation
Industrial Maintenance
Industrial Maintenance
Fire and Emergency Services
Fire and Emergency Services
Welding and Metalwork
Welding and Metalwork
Steam Cleaning Operations
Steam Cleaning Operations
Boiler Rooms
Boiler Rooms

Test and Certifications

EN 11612: Clothing that keeps you safe from heat and flame
The EN 1161 standard Shows that our Hot Oil Steam Suit successfully passed rigorous testing, which indicates protection against heat and flame exposure. This certification shows that we are committed to keeping workers safe from danger.
ISO 15025 & 388 - Flame Resistance and Limited Flame Spread:
ISO 15025 and ISO 38 standards evaluate the Hot Oil Steam Splash Suit's flame resistance and ability to inhibit the spread of flames.
ISO 9151
With ISO 915, items are tested to see how they react to radiant heat. Our Hot Oil Steam Splash Suit is tested to ensure excellent heat resistance and flame spread. This makes it an effective way to protect against sources of intense heat.
ISO 6942 & ISO 6530
ISO 6942 and ISO 653 certifications back up our promise to provide comprehensive security. These evaluations determine that our suit protects its wearers from dangerous temperatures and flames.
ISO 17493 & ISO 13937-2 - Strength and Durability
Our Hot Oil Steam Splash Suit has been tested to international standards for strength and durability by ISO 17493 and ISO 13937-. These approvals demonstrate that we are committed to producing equipment that can handle heavy duty.

Advanced Design Elements of the Hot Oil Steam Splash Suit

Our Steam Splash Sui is meticulously crafted with maximum protection without causing the wearer any discomfort. The innovative design features a front zip fastening arrangement equipped with an overlapping flap secured by Velcro. This ensures the suit will protect against steam, heat and liquids. Elastic wrist sleeves improve wearability and provide an accurate closure against potential risks. They are also made with flame-resistant kevlar thread, enhancing robustness and safety.
Our pant is made to offer the best security possible while putting the wearer's comfort first. The design has a durable elastic band at the waist and straps with hooks for adjusting the size. A tight fit over shoes is guaranteed by the adjustable hem, which also serves to seal off any gaps around the feet. Using flame-retardant thread throughout manufacturing guarantees that every stitch adds to the pant's integrity and safety.
Hood With Visor:
The hood's design is complete that t covers the whole head and falls smoothly over the shoulders. Our Hot Oil Steam Splash Suit includes a visor made of tinted polycarbonate to protect the wearer's eyes from the harsh environment while also protecting them from accidental splashes. The hood is made with two fastening arrangements, expertly holding it in place even during demanding tasks, providing a secure fit without sacrificing comfort.
Our gloves are ideal for those seeking a balance between convenience and safety. They offer unbeatable protection without compromising the flexibility and agility required by professionals. These five-fingered gloves fit snugly and comfortably, allowing you to work with steam, heat, and hot liquids without sacrificing accuracy.
Shoe Cover:
The shoe cover is a perfect example of careful craftsmanship because it provides safety and exceptional ease of use. Its three different types of closures show how much thought and care went into making this protective footwear for the feet. This attention to detail ensures the user is as safe as possible without giving up comfort, even in challenging job situations.

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Consider Hicare Protective Wear is a reliable manufacturers and exporters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. We give a solution to your workplace with our safety gear. We offer unrivaled knowledge in the field of Protective Wears because of our extensive background in the field.

Our extensive selection serves a wide variety of fields and situations, giving you the best chance of finding a Protective Wear that works for you. Our company was founded on the principle of innovation, and we are committed to pushing limits in order to offer you the best possible security options.

With Premium materials, our products are well-known for their long-lasting nature and capacity to provide protection, forming the basis of all our goods. You may rest assured that the equipment we provide aide is built to withstand the harshest conditions. Work with us; you'll get an opportunity to encounter Protective Wears that raise the standard for protection.

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