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Hicare Protective Wear is one of the best manufacturers and exporters of safety products in Andhra Pradesh, India. Over the years, we have taken pride in our top-quality products that build outstanding Hicare Protective Wear. We are a highly reputable manufacturer and exporter based in Andhra Pradesh, India, specializing in top-quality safety products. We are proud of our consistently high-quality products and our commitment to providing exceptional customer service.

Heat Resistant Apron

The Aluminized Heat Resistant apron is a specialized form of protective clothing designed to shield the wearer from high temperatures and radiant heat sources. The apron is crafted using a variety of materials, each carefully selected for its unique properties. This coating layer usually links aluminium foil to a fire-resistant substrate, like fibreglass or aramid (e.g., Kevlar). This apron is designed to provide maximum protection against radiant heat, ensuring that the wearer remains safe and comfortable. Its fire-resistant properties effectively prevent heat from penetrating the Apron, offering a high level of safety.

The Aluminized apron we offer provides comprehensive protection, covering the upper body down to the legs. This apron not only protects from radiant heat but also enhances mobility. Therefore, the fireproof apron seamlessly integrates into your work attire without hindering your productivity.

Specification of Aluminized Heat Resistant apron

Exterior Fabric Made from 460 GSM premium Aluminized Para-aramid blend fabric, compliant with EN ISO 11612:2015 (A1, A2, B2, C4, D3, E3).
Interior Fabric Certified according to EN ISO 11612 standards, this fabric is 100% Cotton FR, meeting the requirements of A1, B1, C1, and C4.
Suit Contains Jacket, Trousers, Hood with Visor, Five-Fingered Hand Gloves, and Boots.
Temperature Range Radiant Heat in the range of 1200 to 1400 degrees Celsius.
Fabric Weight High-Quality 460 GSM
Test & Certifications: Heat Resistant Apron iso
EN ISO 11612:2015
Passes Level- A1, B1, C4, D3, E3, F1.
Brand alumaster

Features Of Aluminized Heat Resistant Apron

Hicare Protective Wear is a respected manufacturers and exporters from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. We only sell top-notch products that can satisfy our customers. Please read below to learn more about our product features.

  • Our Cloth is stitched with strong aramid thread that adhering EN 388 and EN 407 standards to making it long lasting.
  • Aluminized heat-resistant aprons are produced from 460 GSM quality fabric, which is thicker and more durable.
  • Aluminized fabric is a radiant heat barrier, protecting against high temperatures and bright heat sources.
  • The fabric blend includes para-aramid fibers, known for their exceptional heat resistance and strength, combined with a knitted construction, ensuring flexibility and comfort.
  • Velcro provision on the backside for easy size adjustment, ensuring a comfortable fit for various users.
  • Made it as a light weight material to ensuring your comfortability which increases your Productivity.
  • Shields against splashes of molten metal or hot liquids, reducing the risk of injuries.
  • Ensures optimal safety for personnel working in hazardous heat-related conditions.

Industrial Applications of Aluminized Apron

Oil and Gas Industry
Oil and Gas Industry
Furnace Maintenance and Repair
Furnace Maintenance and Repair
Welding and Metalworking
Welding and Metalworking
Glass Manufacturing
Glass Manufacturing
Construction and Engineering
Construction and Engineering
Ceramic Manufacturing
Ceramic Manufacturing
High-Temperature Industrial Environments
High-Temperature Industrial Environments
Fire Training
Fire Training

Heat-Resistant Apron with Sleeves

The heat-resistant apron with sleeves is a reliable option for working in hot environments. It consists of high-tech materials that can withstand high temperatures, which makes it an effective barrier against dangers, including radiant heat, sparks, and splashes.

The addition of sleeves makes the garment fully protective against harm to the upper body. This capability is essential when working with or around hot equipment or materials. The sleeves add a protective layer, making contact with hot surfaces less likely to occur by accident.

Type of Protective Aprons

Aluminized Aprons
Aluminized Aprons are manufactured with high-end materials like aluminized para-aramid knitted blend cloth. This cloth is tested and approved by industry standards to ensure the wearer's safety. The outer layer of this cloth is made with aluminium, which makes it reflect and spread out radiant heat away from the user. This will reduce the danger affected by the user, with the help of para-aramid, which keep the wearer safe even in the hottest circumstances.
Heat Protective Aprons
Heat-protective aprons are designed for people engaged in welding, metalworking, making glass, running furnaces, and other similar jobs. This apron will build a strong wall against the splashes of molten metal, hot liquids, and open fires. This will help the workers to get rid of life-threatening hazards.
Heat Resistant Aprons For Furnaces
A heat-resistant apron will be considered important to enterprises like furnace operations, offering essential protection to users while working close to the intense heat. The flame-resistant aprons naturally come in a heat-resistance form, making them the ideal solution for environments with open flames or sparks.
With flexible features and ergonomic design, these aprons ensure you remain comfortable and can move around while doing a lot of work. Their durability ensures they will last for a long time, making them a good investment in safety and efficiency that won't cost you much.

Why Choose Hicare Protective Wear For Your Safety Needs

Hicare Protective Wear, founded in 2017, has emerged as a respected industry leader in providing safety products for firefighters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Our extensive selection of safety apparel includes top-notch options such as aluminized fire proximity suits, Kevlar suits, Nomex coveralls, fire entry suits, fire blankets, and 100% cotton flame retardant garments. We offer a variety of products, including molten metal splash apparel, thermal blankets, welding protection blankets, and safety gloves like Kevlar and aluminized gloves.

We offer a wide selection of safety items as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters. Our wide product selection ensures that you find all of your safety requirements under one roof, from aluminized heat-resistant aprons to flame-resistant clothing, gloves, eyeglasses, and more.

We recognize the importance of on-time delivery in your business. Our efficient methods ensure that your safety equipment arrives when you need it to avoid interruption in the workflow.

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