Para-Aramid Heat Resistance
Hand Gloves

Para-Aramid Hand Gloves Manufacturers

Hicare Protective Wear, one of the top Manufacturers and Exporters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, offers Aramid Special Treated / Heat Resistance Hand Gloves, the ultimate safety factor. These gloves, designed with accuracy and creativity, revolutionize the concept of safety in high-temperature conditions. As a result, they are a priceless asset for professionals in various fields.

Aramid Heat Resistance Hand Gloves

Para Aramid Heat-resistant hand gloves, especially those made of aramid polymer materials that can endure temperatures up to 550 degrees Celsius, are specialized PPE that protects hands in high-temperature situations. Advanced materials and construction methods make these gloves safe and comfortable for experts in harsh, heat-exposed industries.

When you require full-hand coverage in high-temperature situations, the go-to solution is Para-Aramid Hand Gloves. These gloves ensure top-notch heat resistance and safety.

Specification of Para Aramid Hand Gloves

Material 480 GSM Aluminised Fibreglass-Based Fabric
Lining Inside Woollen Heat-Resistant Lining with FR Fabrics
Temperature Resistance Up to 550°C
Standard Sizes 12",14"18"20"22" or customisation can be availabe.
Model: HICARE ™
Test/Certification Contact Heat as per EN 702
Convective Heat as per EN 367
Radiant Heat as per EN ISO 6942:2002
Standard: EN 388, EN 407, EN 373

Application Of Para Aramid Hand Gloves

Foundry Work
Foundry Work
Ceramics Production
Ceramics Production
Emergency Firefighting
Emergency Firefighting
Oil Refineries
Oil Refineries

Why Choose Us?

Hicare Protective Wear is the best choice for safety-conscious professionals. We prioritize innovation, quality, and excellence as Mumbai's leading manufacturers and suppliers. We redefine safety standards with our superior protective gear, including the Aramid Special Treated / Heat Resistance Hand Gloves. Hicare promises unmatched protection because your safety is our top priority.

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