FR Winter Jacket

FR Winter Jacket Manufacturers

Based in Mumbai, India, HiCare Protective Wear is a top producer and exporter of FR Winter Jackets.

FR Winter Jacket

For chilly climates, a cozy FR winter jacket is a must as it protects against both the cold and the rain. Its design, which provides light insulation, guarantees warmth and comfort even in demanding work settings.

Resistance to Flames Protecting workers in petrochemical, oil and gas, and refinery sectors from unexpected flash fires is the purpose of winter jackets.

Resilience is required when working outside. Our parkas and jackets adhere to industrial safety regulations and provide protection from snow, rain, and freezing temperatures, letting you concentrate on your work rather than the outside weather.

Our unique materials, which we use as FR winter jacket manufacturers and suppliers, resist ignition and have the ability to self-extinguish if they catch fire.

Selecting the proper FR winter jacket is essential; it must adhere to safety regulations and offer the required protection for particular work settings. These jackets satisfy safety regulations and provide comfort in cold weather since they are warm, insulated, and flame-resistant.

Being a well-known producer of FR winter jackets, we provided several customized designs and sizes to meet customer needs.

Design and Featured of FR Winter Jacket

  • Outer layer: a multi-layered winter jacket with a GSM of 240 composed of insulated flame-resistant fabric.
  • Interior Layer: Polywaddling with non-woven fabric for insulation.
  • Full-sleeve cuffs and a metal snap fastening characterize the Flame Retardant Jacket.
  • Two side pockets on the front.
  • Completely sewn garments using approved FR thread.
  • One-inch FR silver reflective tape, approved by EN 471, affixed to the clothing for maximum visibility.
  • Sleeve button tab adjustability.
  • A robust flap-covered brass zipper.
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