Aluminised Full Sleeves Apron

Aluminized Full Sleeves Apron Manufacturers

The Aluminized Aramid Apron With Sleeves provides unparalleled protection in extreme heat and danger. As influential Manufacturers and Exporters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Hicare Protective Wear set the standard for safety equipment. Our Aluminized Fabric reflects 95% of thermal energy, protecting workers in dangerous industrial conditions.

Aluminised Full Sleeves Apron

The Fire PPE and Molten Metal PPE shield against molten metal splashes and radiant heat, ensuring the wearer's safety. The Aluminized Apron is crucial for safeguarding the arms, ankles, and head from radiant flames and molten metal splatter.

Features of Hicare's Aluminized Full Sleeves Apron

Top Coating Made from 460 GSM premium aluminized Para-aramid fabric, this apron meets EN ISO 11612:2015 standards in classes A1, A2, B2, C4, D3, and E3 for top-notch heat and fire protection.
Inner Coating The apron's inner layer, 100% Cotton FR Fabric, is EN ISO 11612 certified for A1, B1, C1, and C4. This dual-layer design ensures fire resistance and comfort without sacrificing wearability.
  • The apron's broad sleeves and open back provide ventilation and comfort even in hot weather.
  • Durable aramid thread meets EN 388 and EN 407 standards for stitching the apron.
  • The back of the apron has Velcro for convenient size modifications.
  • The apron is lightweight and protective, allowing extended wear and productivity.
Test/Certification NFPA
EN ISO 11612:2015
Passes Level- A1,B1,C4,D3,E3,F1.

Application of Aluminized Full Sleeves Apron

Metallurgy Industries
Metallurgy Industries
Steel Plants
Steel Plants
FRadiant Heat Protection
FRadiant Heat Protection


The Aluminized Aramid Apron With Sleeves from Hicare Protective Wear proudly bears the following certifications:

  • EN ISO 11612:2015: The apron meets and exceeds certification standards.
  • Level Ratings: The apron meets and surpasses Level A1, B1, C4, D3, E3, and F1 ratings, attesting to its exceptional protective qualities.

Why Choose Us?

Hicare Protective Wear offers a wide range of safety goods developed to meet various needs. We safeguard you in dangerous situations with aluminized aramid aprons and other safety gear. Our safety gear is precisely crafted using cutting-edge technologies and quality materials for maximum protection, comfort, and durability. This gives you the confidence to work in the toughest conditions. When it comes to safety, choose Hicare Protective Wear. Our reputation for excellence, attention to quality, and wide range of trusted safety solutions make us your partners in maintaining a safe workplace.

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