Arc Flash Suit 40 Cal

Electrical Arc Flash Suit 40 Cal

The Electric Arc Flash Suit 40 Cal from Hicare Protective Wear is the best option for electrical workers encountering electric arc risks. The leading Manufacturer and Exporter of protective gear in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Hicare is committed to providing the best.

Electrical Arc Flash Suit 40 Cal

An Arc Flash Suit with a 40 Cal rating protects against the thermal risks of an electric arc. The "40 Cal" rating specifies the suit's incident energy endurance. The quantity of thermal energy produced by an electrical failure, such as a short circuit or arc fault, at a given distance from the problem is known as the incident energy.

The 40 Cal arc flash suit is designed for scenarios with incident energy up to 40 calories per square centimetre (cal/cm²). This energy level is high and dangerous. The suit's heat transfer barrier prevents burns in the case of an electric arc flash or explosion.

Product Specifications of Arc Flash Suit 40 Cal

Material Composition Multi-layer Inherent Arc Flash Resistance Fabric 500 GSM.
  • A garment constructed from Inherently Arc-resistant Fabric with a zip and Velcro closure, concealed under a protective flap.
  • The trousers feature a zipper closure for easy fastening.
  • An elasticized side waistband ensures a more comfortable and well-fitted experience.
  • The sleeve cuffs come with adjustable straps featuring Velcro closures.
  • Class E helmet with ASTM F2178-12 compliant 40-cal visor.
  • High visibility is ensured with FR reflective tape on the shoulders, sleeves, and bottom.
  • FR thread is used throughout garment production.
  • Multiple design options and patterns are available to cater to your requirements.
Kit components Set comprises jacket, trousers, Class E helmet with face shield, fabric gloves, and storage bag.
Model: arcdefence
Test/Certification NFPA
IEC 61482-2
ASTM 1959

Features Of Arc Flash Suit 40 Cal

  1. This Suit Offers a safeguard against the hazards of an ARC Flash.
  2. It Gives Complete body coverage.
  3. It Gives Complete body coverage.
  4. The FR properties contribute to increased durability.
  5. The entire suit is stitched using FR thread.

Uses Of Arc Flash Suit 40 Cal

High-voltage substation care
High-voltage substation care
Transmission Line Maintainance
Transmission Line Maintainance
Industrial manufacturing settings
Industrial manufacturing settings
Power generation facilities
Power generation facilities
Utility workers and lineworkers
Utility workers and lineworkers
Electricians for workwear
Electricians for workwear

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Hicare Protective Wear is a leading manufacturer and supplier in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Our safety solutions are reliable and top-notch. Our company's reputation surrounds us. Our reputation for quality protective wear, like the Arc Flash Suit 40 Cal, has reinforced our position. Backed by a wealth of industry experience, our team comprises experts dedicated to designing protective gear that goes beyond the norm. Your safety is our driving force.

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