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Arc Flash Suit

An arc flash suit is a type of personal protective equipment (PPE) designed to protect workers against arc flash occurrences. Arc flash is a potentially lethal electrical explosion when an electric current flows through the air between conductive surfaces, such as during a short circuit or a power outage. This phenomenon can potentially discharge a massive quantity of energy, resulting in a powerful flash of light and heat that can cause severe burns and injuries.

Our arc flash suits are made with care from high-quality materials and clever designs to protect workers from electrical dangers as much as possible. When an arc flash occurs, these suits act as a strong barrier that keeps the user safe from intense heat and thermal radiation.

Exceptional qualities of Hicare's Arc Flash Suit

Material Composition Naturally fire-resistant fabric
Kit Components The safety kit includes a jacket, trousers, A Class E Helmet with a Face Shield, Fabric Gloves, and a convenient Storage Bag for all your protective gear.
Protection Level: Arc Flash Suit 8 Cal/cm2
Arc Flash Suit 12 Cal/cm2
Arc Flash Suit 25 Cal/cm2
Arc Flash Suit 40 Cal/cm2
Arc Flash Suit 75 Cal/cm2
Arc Flash Suit 100 Cal/cm2
Brand arcdefence
Test & Certifications: Arc Flash Suit IEC 61482-2, ASTM 1959, NFPA 70 E

Features Of Arc Flash Suit

  • High-collared jacket and elasticated trousers or coverall option.
  • Garments comply with the latest standards, including EN ISO 11612 and IEC 61482-2.
  • Elasticated Trousers Allow for a flexible fit that accommodates various body types, reducing restriction and discomfort.
  • Helmet with Visor tested to ASTM F 2178-12 Cal rated, offering additional head protection.
  • Compliant with international safety standards: IEC 61482-2, ASTM 1959, and NFPA 70E, ensuring the highest level of protection for workers in arc flash situations.
  • The Cal rating indicates the level of arc flash protection the helmet offers, with higher Cal ratings providing greater protection.
  • The arc flash suit is crafted using inherently flame-resistant fabric that possesses flame-resistant properties at a molecular level, providing a permanent and inherent flame resistance.
  • The inherent flame-resistant fabric has low heat transfer properties, meaning it resists transferring heat from the external flame source to the wearer, minimizing burn injuries.
  • The trouser offers excellent thermal protection by shielding the legs from extreme heat, flames, and thermal radiation.

Applications Of Arc Flash Suit

Electrical Utility Work
Electrical Utility Work
Industrial Maintenance
Industrial Maintenance
Construction and Contracting
Construction and Contracting
Oil and gas
Oil and gas
Power generation
Power generation
Shipbuilding and marine
Shipbuilding and marine

Components of an Arc Resistant Coverall

The jacket is part of the arc flash suit that covers the upper body. It covers the chest, arms, and shoulders. During an arc flash, it works as a barrier to protect against intense heat, flames, and thermal radiation.
The pants are part of the arc flash suit that covers the lower body. They protect the legs. They are made to protect against burns and other injuries caused by electrical sparks and flashes.
The outfit would only be complete with the arc flash gloves safeguarding the hands and fingers. They are built with fire- and electricity-resistant materials.
The helmet is essential to the arc flash suit since it offers additional protection for the wearer's head. This suit has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it can resist the intense heat and flames resulting from an arc flash.
The visor is a shield that is connected to the helmet. It protects the face and eyes from dangers like flying objects and bright light from an arc flash.
Socks and Boots
Specialized arc flash socks and boots finish off the outfit and keep the feet and lower legs safe. These boots are made to prevent fire and insulation against electrical currents.
Retroreflective Tapes
Retroreflective tapes are built into many arc flash suits. This makes the person wearing the suit easier to see in low-light situations or during rescue efforts.

Arch Flash suit Calibrated Protection Levels

Our Arc Flash Hood come in different Calorific (Cal) ratings so that you can find the right kind of protection for your work environment:

Arc Flash Suit 8 Cal/cm2
The Arc Flash Suit 8 Cal/cm2 is an important personal protective equipment that keeps you safe in places where arc flashes happen less often. With a regulated protection level of 8 Cal/cm2, this suit is perfect for electrical workers who work in places where there isn't much chance of strong thermal energy being released. Even though the danger is lower, workers must wear this suit to protect against arc flash. The Arc Flash Suit 8 Cal/cm2 protects the user from heat, flames, and thermal radiation, which is important for their workplace safety and well-being. We keep in mind that every worker and their safety is important, so we carefully manufacture the unique arc flash suit with international standards. We ensure people work safely in electrically dangerous environments.
Arc Flash Suit 12 Cal/cm2
The Arc Flash Suit 12 Cal/cm2 is considered the most important for workers in Mild Arc Flash conditions. This suit offers 12 Cal/cm2 thermal protection against arc flashes. It protects wearers from moderate electrical risk by withstanding increased heat, fires, and thermal radiation. You can wear this Arc Flash suit without thinking twice in any arc flash environment.
Arc Flash Suit 25 Cal/cm2
Enhanced protection against thermal energy because of their design makes them ideal for usage in settings with a greater potential for arc flashes.
Arc Flash Suit 40 Cal/cm2
Places like high electricity risk workers should wear The Arc Flash Suit 40 Cal/cm2. This protects you from intense heat energy produced by an arc flash. It is the best choice for workers who face dangerous electrical risks. Giving them the best solution to work safely and securely.
Arc Flash Suit 75 Cal/cm2
With a protection level of 75 Cal/cm2, this suit is one of the best ways to protect against the high thermal dangers of arc flashes. It is made to protect people in the most dangerous electrical environments, making sure they stay well-being and secure during critical risk.
Arc Flash Suit 100 Cal/cm2
This is the highest level of protection currently available, and it is appropriate for extremely dangerous electrical situations with the potential for significant arc flash accidents.

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Our manufacturing method is based on strict testing and compliance. Our Arc Flash Suits undergo a lot of testing to ensure they meet EN ISO 11612 and IEC 61482-2, which are international safety standards. With this careful method, we can be sure that our products will always work well in critical situations.

As exporters, we have a reputation over the nation, so our safety solutions reach far beyond national borders and improve worker safety worldwide. The reliability and trustworthiness that we are providing make us a good exporter. We have a lot of clients who trust our Arc Flash Suits to protect their workers in dangerous electrical settings.

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