Arc Flash Suit Manufacturers

Arc Flash Suit Manufacturers In Goa

Hicare Protective Gear has been recognised as a leading manufacturer and exporter of high-quality safety gear in Goa, India. We are committed to creating industrial safety equipment that focuses on safeguarding lives and providing workers in various industries with the resources they need for secure operations.

Arc Flash Suit

Arc flash suits are designed to shield employees from the strong associated with arc flash incidents. In industries heavily reliant on electricity, like power generation, distribution, and maintenance, workers are constantly exposed to the danger of arc flashes and unexpected electrical discharges that may release enormous quantities of energy.

Our arc flash suits are made with care from high-quality materials and clever designs to protect workers from electrical dangers as much as possible. When an arc flash occurs, these suits act as a strong barrier that keeps the user safe from intense heat and thermal radiation.

Characteristics of Hicare's Arc Flash Suit

Material Composition Naturally fire-resistant fabric
Kit Components The safety kit includes a jacket, trousers, A Class E Helmet with a Face Shield, Fabric Gloves, and a convenient Storage Bag for all your protective gear.
Protection Level: Arc Flash Suit 8 Cal/cm2
Arc Flash Suit 12 Cal/cm2
Arc Flash Suit 25 Cal/cm2
Arc Flash Suit 40 Cal/cm2
Arc Flash Suit 75 Cal/cm2
Arc Flash Suit 100 Cal/cm2
Model arcdefence
Test & Certifications: Aluminized Fire Proximity Suit IEC 61482-2, ASTM 1959, NFPA 70 E

Arc Flash Safety Wear Overview

  • High-collared jacket and elasticated trousers or coverall option.
  • Option for coverall.
  • Adheres to EN ISO 11612 and IEC 61482-2.
  • Provides versatile fit for different body types.
  • Helmet with visor meets ASTM F 2178-12 Cal rating for superior head protection.
  • Adheres to internationally recognized safety standards.
  • Cal rating measures the helmet's arc flash protection level.
  • Fabric is flame-resistant, reducing the risk of burn injuries.
  • Trousers provide thermal protection against intense heat, flames, and thermal radiation.

Applications Of Electric Arc Flash Suit

Electrical Utility Work
Electrical Utility Work
Industrial Maintenance
Industrial Maintenance
Construction and Contracting
Construction and Contracting
Oil and gas
Oil and gas
Power generation
Power generation
Shipbuilding and marine
Shipbuilding and marine

Essential components of Arc Flash suit

The coverall is designed to provide complete protection for the upper body, including the chest, arms, and shoulders. It is a strong shield during an arc flash event, protecting against high temperatures, fire, and thermal radiation.
The trousers provide essential protection for the lower body, shielding the legs from burns and injuries caused by electrical sparks and flashes.
The helmet is a vital component of the arc flash suit, providing essential protection for the wearer's head. It undergoes rigorous testing to withstand the intense heat and flames an arc flash produces.
Face Shield
The visor, attached to the helmet, acts as a protective barrier for the face and eyes, shielding them from airborne particles and the intense light produced during an arc flash.
Our range of specialized arc flash socks and boots offer complete coverage for your feet and lower legs, designed to withstand intense heat and provide insulation from electrical currents.
Reflective Elements
Retroreflective tapes are designed to improve visibility in low-light conditions or during rescue operations, making it easier to spot the wearer.

We Supply Our Products At The Following Cities Of Goa

Panaji, Margao, Vasco da Gama, Mapusa, Ponda, Calangute, Candolim, Anjuna, Colva, Baga, Canacona, Curchorem, Sanquelim, Valpoi, Quepem, Sanguem, Bicholim, Dabolim, Agonda, Old Goa, Chicalim, Chimbel, Cortalim, Curtorim, Loutolim, Majorda, Navelim, Pale.

Why Choose Us ?

Hicare Protective Wears is a leading manufacturer and exporter of safety gear in Goa, India. We make high-quality goods designed to save lives and empower workers in various industries. We have a long-standing track record of success in this industry. We are a reliable source for all your safety requirements.

We ensure that our manufacturing method is founded on rigorous testing and adherence to regulations. Our Arc Flash Suits undergo strict testing to meet international safety standards, specifically EN ISO 11612 and IEC 61482-2. With this thorough approach, we can be confident that our products will always function properly in critical scenarios.

Our products are exported to various countries, such as the Maldives, UAE, and Saudi Arabia, showcasing our extensive global presence. Our safety solutions have a profound international influence, creating a tangible impact on worker safety across the globe. Numerous clients trust our Arc Flash Suits to provide essential protection in hazardous electrical environments.

Hicare Protective Wears is the best choice for Arc Flash Suits due to our high-quality products, considerable industry knowledge, customization choices, rigorous testing and compliance, unmatched support, and global presence. Trust us to protect and empower your employees in electrical hazard environments.

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