Arc Flash Suit 25 Cal

Electrical Arc Flash Suit 25 Cal

As a prominent Arc Flash Suit manufacturer in India, Hicare Protective Wear specializes in crafting a wide range of arc flash suits, available in size range from 8 to 100 Cal. An Arc Flash Suit is designed to shield against the intense light and heat generated during an Arc Fault, an electrical explosion or discharge occurring when a connection is made through the air to the ground or another voltage phase in an electrical system during maintenance operations.
Electrical Arc Flash Suit 25 Cal

Our 25 Cal Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), known as arc flash suits, is specifically crafted to ensure the safety of individuals working with electrical panels. These suits are meticulously designed protective garments that adhere to the essential PPE standards of the National Fire Protection Association . When working near electrical equipment or in situations with a high risk of arc flashes, it is imperative to use an arc flash suit that fully complies with these standards. As an approved supplier, we adhere to international arc flash protective garments standards.

The Arc Flash suit adheres to recognized standards such as IEC 61482-1-1, ASTM 1959, and NFPA 70E, collectively addressing protective clothing against thermal hazards resulting from electric arc exposure.

Technical Specifications of Arc Flash Suit 25 Cal

Material Composition Multilayer Inherent Flame Resistance Fabric.
  • The Jacket has a Velcro closure at the open end and a protective flap.
  • The elasticized side waistband enhances both fit and comfort.
  • The sleeve cuffs are equipped with adjustable straps secured by Velcro closures.
  • The MSA Helmet comes with a visor rated at 40-caliber.
  • FR thread is consistently used during the garment's production.
  • We offer a range of designs and models to meet your requirements.
Arc Flash Kit Contents The Kit includes a Jacket, Trousers, Class E helmet with a face shield, fabric gloves, and a storage bag.
Model: arcdefence
Test and Certifications NFPAIEC 61482-1-1
ASTM 1506
ASTM 1959
ASTM 2621
NFPA 70 E.

Key Features of 25 Cal Arc Flash Suit

  • Crafted with a specialized multilayer inherent flame-resistant fabric, this suit provides a powerful shield against arc flash incidents.
  • Open-end Velcro and flap closing make the jacket easy to wear and remove.
  • A flexible and comfortable elasticized side waistband improves fit and movement.
  • Adjustable Velcro straps on sleeve cuffs ensure a secure fit and allow for comfort modifications.
  • The outfit comprises an MSA Helmet with a 40-cal visor to protect the head and face.
  • Every stitch is reinforced with flame-resistant (FR) thread to keep the suit intact under harsh conditions.
  • The Electric Arc Flash Suit 25 Cal set contains a jacket, trousers, and a Class E Helmet with a 40-cal visor for full head and face coverage. The bundle includes fabric gloves and a storage bag for complete equipment protection.

Test and Certifications

IEC 61482-2

  • Compliant with IEC 61482-2, a global standard for protection against electric arc incidents.
  • Designed to minimize the thermal hazards posed by electric arcs.
  • Provides a reliable barrier against the heat and energy released during arc flashes.

IEC 61482-2

  • Meets ASTM 1959 requirements, assuring reliable performance against arc flash hazards.
  • The fabric's inherent flame resistance stands up to intense heat exposure.
  • Offers superior protection and minimizes the risk of injury during arc incidents.


  • Aligned with NFPA 70E standards, a critical guideline for electrical safety in the workplace.
  • Ensures compliance with regulations, safeguarding workers from arc flash dangers.

Application of 25 Cal Arc Flash Suit

Industrial Manufacturing
Industrial Manufacturing
LT & HT Panel Maintainance
LT & HT Panel Maintainance
Transmission Line Maintainance
Transmission Line Maintainance
Power Generation units
Power Generation units
Electrical Installations and Troubleshooting
Electricians for workwear
High-Voltage Equipment Handling
High-Voltage Equipment Handling

Why Choose Us?

Hicare Protective Wear is the top choice for electric arc danger protection. Our manufacturing and exporting pioneers are known worldwide, and our headquarters are in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Our Electric Arc Flash Suit 25 Cal set provides complete safety. The set includes a Class E helmet with a 40-cal rated visor, fabric gloves, and a convenient carrying bag, and is meant to keep you safe from head to toe. Our reputation goes beyond local recognition. Our cutting-edge protective clothing is available to professionals worldwide since we gladly export.

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