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Few industrial safety concerns are as difficult as heat protection. Hicare Protective Wear proudly introduces Aluminised Shoes, our latest product. Precision-crafted and built for excellence, these shoes protect high-temperature workers. As leading Manufacturers and Exporters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, we have spent years developing gear that protects and comforts in severe situations.

Aluminised Shoes

The aluminized leg guard has a comfortable base layer and a reflective outer layer. This layer connects aluminium foil to a base material with adhesive or heat-resistant stitching. This aluminized layer effectively reflects radiant heat away from the body and prevents accumulation.

We craft the upper layer of our Aluminized Shoes using Aluminized Fiber Glass/Aluminized Aramid cloth, highly effective against radiant heat and molten metal splashes. Additionally, premium Chrome Leather linings inside the shoes act as superior heat barriers for enhanced protection.

Specifications of Aluminized Shoes

  • Upper layer made of Aluminized Fiber Glass / Aluminized Aramid cloth for superior heat and molten metal protection. Best quality pure Chrome Leather linings inside the shoes act as an additional heat barrier.
  • Effective protection against radiant heat and molten metal splashes.
  • Easy cleaning procedures for hassle-free maintenance.
  • Made With Long-lasting material
  • Designed and rigorously tested for the safety and protection of security workers.
  • Enhanced breathability to ensure comfort even during prolonged use.
  • Cost-effective with minimal price
  • Clear and predefined guidelines for easy understanding and proper usage.
Model: HICARE ™
Temperature: Radiant Heat (Code C4 of ISO 11612)
Test/Certification: EN ISO 11612 (A1, A2, B2, C1, C4)

Advantages Of Aluminised Shoes

  • Heat-resistant Aluminized fibreglass or Aramid fabric makes up the upper layer of our Aluminised Shoes. These materials reflect and absorb heat, keeping wearers safe in extreme situations.
  • The upper aluminized layer is durable and an excellent heat reflector. This revolutionary design keeps feet cool and comfy by preventing heat absorption.
  • Aluminised Shoes provide full foot protection in heat-exposed areas. These shoes protect against burns and pain in foundries, metallurgy, and other high-temperature workplaces.
  • Every pair of Aluminised Shoes is handcrafted. Our trained artisans ensure every stitch and component meets the highest quality requirements, ensuring the footwear's resilience and longevity.
  • We value cost-effective safety solutions. That's why our Aluminised Shoes are inexpensive without sacrificing quality. Safety should be available to all, and our pricing reflects that.
  • Aluminised Shoes are designed to easily transfer heat away from the foot. This reduces sweat and heat-related foot problems and relieves discomfort.

Aluminised Shoes Applications

Radiant Heat Protection
Radiant Heat Protection
Molten Metal Splash Protection
Molten Metal Splash Protection
Welding and Cutting Operations
Welding and Cutting Operations
Emergency Response and Firefighting
Emergency Response and Firefighting
Furnace Operation
Furnace Operation
Maintenance and Repair
Maintenance and Repair

Test and Certification

Workplace safety standards like EN ISO 11612 ensure that protective apparel provides the best protection against risks. Code C4 handles radiant heat protection in this standard.

Why Choose Us?

Making the correct protective clothing decision is crucial for worker safety in high-risk areas. Hicare Protective Wear is the ultimate excellence, delivering compelling reasons to choose us as your safety partner. Our company's identity is built around a commitment to providing excellent service. Our products are rigorously tested and meet international safety requirements for maximum protection. Choose Hicare Protective Wear for outstanding quality that keeps your workforce safe.

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