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Firefighters and emergency personnel need fireman suits in dangerous situations. Hicare Protective Wear manufactures and exports high-quality fireman suits in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Our commitment to safety, innovation, and durability sets us apart in this Industry.

Fireman Suit

A fireman suit, often called a firefighter suit or turnout gear, is a type of protective equipment firefighters use to protect them from the different dangers they face when responding to emergencies like fires and other disasters. To ensure their safety and effectiveness in difficult and hazardous conditions, firefighter personal protective equipment (PPE) must include firefighter suits.

Material Specifications Of Fireman Suit

Outer Shell Garment Made from Inherent Flame Resistance fabric (93% Meta Aramid, 5% Para-Aramid, 2% Antistatic)
Moisture Barrier Aramid/Kevlar non-woven laminated with PTFE membrane for maximum breathability and waterproof performance.
Thermal Barrier Constructed using non-woven ARAMIDE fibers laminated with Nomex/Viscose innermost lining fabric for maximum protection.
Model HCS -NFS 101
Reflective Trim Details
  • 2-inch wide fire-resistant lime-Colour reflective trims with silver stripes.
  • One strip at the lower part of the jacket.
  • Two strips on the jacket sleeves.
  • Two strips at the lower part of the pants.
EN443 Firefighting Helmet Fire-resistant shell, inner basket, chin strap, puncture resistance, retractable face shield, neck protection, reflective and luminescent features.
EN15090 Firefighting Boots Rubber sole vulcanized and certified to ISO 20345 & EN 15090 standards.
EN13911 Firefighting Balaclava Hood Created using a fabric combination of 50% Aramid and 50% Viscose.
Fireman Kit Suit Components
  • EN 469 - Jacket & Trouser
  • EN 443- Helmet
  • EN 15090- Boots
  • EN 659 Hand Gloves
  • EN 13911- Balaclava Hood
Model: HCS -NFS 101
Brand: flar-defend
Test & Certifications: Fire Fighting suit Fire Fighting suit Fire Fighting suit

Design And Features Of Fireman Suit

  • The Fireman suit features Jacket and trousers styles, both made from inherent flame-resistant fabric.
  • The outer shell includes a concealed flap for added security, hiding the zipper and Velcro closures.
  • Two-inch 50 MM certified FR fluorescent reflective tape is applied on the chest and arms of the jacket for high visibility.
  • Adjustable FR suspenders secure the entire pant, while 50 MM fluorescent reflective tape is placed at the bottom of the trousers.
  • FR accessories and thread are utilized in the entire garment manufacturing process.

Application Of Fireman Suit

Structural Firefighting
Structural Firefighting
Industrial Accidents
Industrial Accidents
Rescue Operations
Rescue Operations
Wildland Fires
Wildland Fires
Vehicle Fires
Vehicle Fires

Why Choose Us?

Hicare Protective Wear provides firefighters with the best protection in dangerous conditions. As a leader in fireman suits and protective gear, we have accumulated knowledge and an in-depth understanding of firefighting's unique needs. We never compromise on quality; our fireman suits meet and surpass international safety standards, protecting firefighters from many risks. At Hicare, innovation drives everything. Our cutting-edge fireman suits set industry standards by incorporating new materials and designs. Because varied firefighting conditions require customized solutions, we offer customization options to ensure our fireman suits meet fire department needs.

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