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Hicare Protective Wear is the premier Manufacturers and Exporters of superior quality Heat Resistance Hand Gloves in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

 heat resistance hand gloves

Heat Resistance Hand Gloves or Heat Protection Gloves are specialized personal protective equipment(PPE) that keeps your hand from extreme heat temperature. These gloves protect against heat, flames, sparks, and other thermal hazards. This is considered to be important when workers are exposed to extreme flames.

We have specially manufactured these hand gloves for the workers so they can work in a very heat temperature without hesitation.

Specifications of Hicare's Heat Resistance Hand Gloves

Outer layer: Made out of 750 GSM heavy duty Kevlar fabric.
Second layer: Woollen felt insulation & five finger with thumb area & rest of portion is made from very soft & strong pure para-aramid fabric.
Third Layer: 100% cotton flame resistance fabric.
Temperature: Heat Resistance withstands up to 1000°C.
Size: 14" & Can Be customized as per requirement.
Test & Certifications: Aluminized Fire Proximity Suit Aluminized Fire Proximity Suit
Contact Heat as per EN 702
Convective Heat as per EN 367
Radiant Heat as per EN ISO 6942:2002
Large quantities of molten metal, method: EN 373
Standard: EN 388, EN 407, EN 373.

Features Of Heat Resistance Hand Gloves

  • Aramid Special Treated Material
  • Fabricated using materials known for their outstanding resistance to high temperatures.
  • Superior Protection Against Heat and Flames
  • Special Heat-Resistant Treatment
  • Durable Construction for Prolonged Use in Harsh Environments.
  • Temperature Withstands up to 1000°C (Radiant Heat).

Certified Protection and Performance

According to the Safety standards, The EN ISO 11612 certificates is well known. This certificate ensures impeccable safety protection against high-heat conditions. The performance requirements for flame-retardant clothing are specified in this standard and identified by a specific code. The various designations – A1, A2, B1, C4, D3, E3 – correspond to specific attributes that collectively offer comprehensive protection.

Protection against heat and flames is evaluated for clothing, materials (protective textiles), and accessories according to EN ISO 11612. This norm also evaluates the conformance to minimal resistance, shrinkage, and service life requirements.

At Hicare Protective Wears, we use all the safety innovations to meet the customer's safety. As the best manufacturers and exporters based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, we bring you heat-resistant hand gloves that adhere to the strict EN ISO 11612 standards. Our hand gloves are carefully crafted with A1, A2, B1, C4, D3, and E3 properties which shield from heat, flames, and radiant energy.

Advantages of Heat Resistance Hand Gloves

  • Protection against Burns
  • Flame and Spark Resistance
  • Radiant Heat Reflection
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Compliance with Standard
  • Comfort and Confidence
  • Customization Options
  • Reduction in Heat Transfer
  • Reliable Performance
  • Application of Heat Resistance Hand Gloves

    Welding and Metal Fabrication
    Welding and Metal working
    Glass Manufacturing
    Glass Manufacturing
    Chemical Processing
    Chemical Processing
    Firefighting and Emergency Respons
    Firefighting and Emergency Respons
    Foundries and Metal Smelting
    Foundries and Metal Smelting
    Hot Work Environments
    Hot Work Environments
    Electrical Work
    Electrical Work
    Aerospace Industry
    Aerospace Industry

    Our Comprehensive Ranges Of Products

    Kevlar Heat Resistance Hand Gloves
    These gloves are the perfect mix of leather and Kevlar. With the right mix, they can resist high temperatures, and the resistance will last for a long time. This makes them perfect for tough industrial tasks.
    Aluminised Hand Gloves
    Our Aluminised hand gloves are designed to perform very well in areas with severe heat, and they offer an unrivalled level of protection against radiant heat, molten materials, and open flames.
    High Temperature Hand Gloves
    High Temperature hand gloves are personal protective equipment (PPE) made to protect the hands well in dangerous situations. These gloves are used in various industries, including metalworking, welding, glass manufacturing, and firefighting, where workers are exposed to high temperatures and need protection against burns and heat-related injuries.
    Extreme high-temperature gloves
    Extreme high-temperature gloves keep heat out and allow employees to handle hot objects in settings up to thousands of degrees Celsius. Workers who are exposed to extreme heat dangers need these gloves to keep them safe. They protect workers from burns and other injuries caused by heat.

    Proper use and care of Heat-Resistant Gloves

    Spending money repeatedly on an essential thing is not a good idea. Following the correct rules for their use, adjustment, and maintenance is essential to ensure they will function at their best and last as long as possible. Hicare Protective Wears is suggesting you some maintenance tips for Safety Gear with our advanced knowledge of this industry.

    Putting on Heat-Resistant Gloves

    Inspect Gloves
    Before using them, perform a thorough visual inspection of the gloves to look for any signs of damage, wear, or degradation. Check that they are spotless and free of any debris before using them.
    Check the Sizing
    Choose gloves with a tight fit according to the size of your hands. Regarding safety and flexibility, either too loose or tight gloves might be detrimental.
    Hand Hygiene
    Be sure to wash your hands well before putting on gloves to avoid spreading any contaminants from your hands to the gloves themselves.
    Insert Hands Carefully
    Place each of your fingers carefully inside the corresponding hole in the glove. Try to avoid stressing or pushing the material of the glove.

    Maintenance for Longevity

    At the time of cleaning, make sure that you follow the instruction which is given by the manufacturers like us. At some point, the gloves are possible to wash with water and mild soap. Ensure that you are avoiding cleaning procedures that are too rough.
    Remember not to let air dry from the quickest sunlight or other heat sources. Direct heat or sunlight can break and damage the gloves very easily.
    When not used, gloves should be kept in a spot free of contaminants such as oils, chemicals, and sharp objects. Gloves should be hung or stored flat to prevent them from losing their form.

    Why Choose Us ?

    Hicare Protective Wears, a well-known manufacturer and supplier of safety equipment based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, is highly regarded for its commitment to protecting individuals in dangerous environments.

    Our business is built on a foundation of uncompromising quality. Every pair of heat-resistant hand gloves offered under the Hicare Protective Wear brand name is concrete evidence of our constant dedication to providing safety equipment of the highest possible quality. At every stage, we adhere to severe quality control standards, guaranteeing that each glove provides the highest possible protection and functionality.

    Our gloves are carefully made with high-tech materials and the latest technology. Kevlar, Nomex, aluminized fabrics, and other specialized materials are used to make gloves that are great at resisting heat, keeping flames away, and lasting a long time. We stay on the cutting edge of new ideas to provide the best solutions for your safety needs.

    Even though we are the manufacturers and suppliers in Mumbai, Maharashtra, our reach is much wider. Hicare Protective Wear is happy to export high-quality safety solutions to clients in India and worldwide. You can take our dedication to excellence with you wherever you go.

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