Arc Flash Suit 8 Cal

Electrical Arc Flash Suit 8 Cal

Hicare Protective wear, a Mumbai-based manufacturer, offers the Arc Defence™, a lightweight Arc Flash Suit. An Arc Flash incident occurs when an electrical current deviates from its designated route, Passing through an open-air space to reach another conductor. Considering this, an arc flash can potentially happen in any situation where an electrical current has an opportunity to discharge unexpectedly.

Electrical Arc Flash Suit 8 Cal

An Arc Flash Suit is a specialized piece of Personal protective equipment (PPE) made to protect electrical workers and technicians from the hazards of an arc flash incident. An Arc Flash Protective Clothing is a sudden release of electrical energy that occurs when there is a fault in an electrical system, resulting in an electric arc. This arc produces intense heat, light, and a blast of pressure and sound waves.

Arc Flash Suit 8 Cal, suggested for the HRC 2 category, can be recommended for the 11 KV application. This additional layer of protection provides the user with an extended second of safety, reducing the risk of a secondary explosion or flash within the working area.

As a prominent supplier and exporter of Arc Flash Suits, we manufacture high-quality products that provide wearers with exceptional comfort and convenience. It's crucial to emphasize that inadequate protection against arc flash incidents can result in severe burns, injuries, and, in some cases, even worker fatalities.

Technical Specifications Of Arc Flash Suit 8 Cal

Material Composition Multi-layer Inherent arc flash Resistance Fabric 240 GSM.
  • For enhanced wearer protection, the collar is fastened securely using Velcro.
  • The jacket is made of IFR fabric along with a zip closure and is covered with a flap.
  • To enhance comfort, we have equipped the trousers with an elastic waistband
  • The helmet with Visor has been tested and rated to ASTM F 2178-12 Cal standard.
  • We applied flame-resistant reflective tape for high visibility on the shoulders, sleeves, and bottom.
  • FR thread is used consistently during the garment's production.
  • A variety of designs and patterns are available to meet your needs.
Kit Content A Jacket, trousers, Class E helmet with a Paulson face shield, fabric gloves, and a storage bag are included.
Brand: arcdefence
Tested/Certification NFPAIEC 61482-1-1, ASTM 1506, ASTM 1959, ASTM 2621, NFPA 70 E.

Features Of Arc Flash Suit 8 Cal

  • It protects against the hazards of an Arc Flash.
  • This suit Gives Comprehensive protection for the entire body.
  • It is designed to be comfortable, ensuring a pleasant wearing experience.
  • The flame-resistant properties will remain consistent throughout all washing cycles.
  • The garment is stitched with flame-resistant thread.

Application of 8 Cal Arc Flash Suit

Industrial Operations
LT & HT Panel Maintainance
Electrical Maintenance
Utilities and maintenance
Power Generation
Power Generation units
Engineering Services
Engineering Services
Emergency Response
Emergency Response

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When evaluating your safety and protective wear needs, Hicare Protective Wear is the top manufacturer and supplier in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Our commitment to excellence and safety has given us a renowned reputation. We offer comprehensive safety solutions, from our Electric Arc Flash Suit 8 Cal to protective gear. Our products are designed to adapt to diverse environments and keep top-tier protection.

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