Fire Fighter Boots

Fire Fighter Boots Manufacturers

Hicare Protective Wear is happy to be a safety equipment Manufacturer and Exporter. Our Mumbai, Maharashtra, India-based company makes high-quality protective gear for experts in several fields.

Fire Fighter Boots

The Fire Fighter Boots are our most famous. Our Fire Fighter Boots are precision-designed and manufactured to the highest standards, providing heat resistance, durability, and ergonomic comfort. These boots can withstand extreme temperatures and protect firefighters in the toughest situations.

Distinctive Features of Hicare's Firefighter Boots

Available Colour Black & Yellow
Build With Vulcanized rubber
Fit Offers a medium to wide fit
Upper Material Crafted from flame and heat-resistant rubber
Inner Lining Utilizes durable cotton canvas as the lining material
Outsole Material Features a sole made of rubber that resists flames, heat, and oil
Sole Design Designed with a versatile Commando pattern
Toe Protection Equipped with a wide and comfortable steel toe cap
Anti-Penetration Layer Incorporates a robust steel anti-penetration plate
Slip Resistance Provides reliable slip resistance (SRC rating)
Heat Insulation Offers effective heat insulation (HI2 rating)
Model: HICARE ™
Test/Certification CE 715880, CE 715873
EN 15090:2012 Type 2
EN ISO 20345:2011 E, P, HI2, HRO, SRC
Electrically Insulating

Specifications Of Fire Fighter Boots

  • Convenient and easy-to-use pull-on handles with an ergonomic grip
  • Protective toe scuff guard to safeguard the front of the footwear
  • Sturdy heel stiffener for added support
  • Comfortable footbed designed with molded cushioning for enhanced comfort

Application Of Fire Fighter Boots

Industry operations
Industry operations
Rescue efforts
Rescue efforts
Emergency response
Emergency response
Oil & gas industry
Oil & gas industry

Why Choose Us?

We prioritize quality and reliability in safety gear, so choose Hicare Protective Wear. Our products fulfill the highest criteria for durability. Innovative features keep us ahead of changing safety regulations. Our industrial expertise provides guidance. Customization is available for our safety range. Our customer-centric approach ensures your safety is trusted worldwide. With Hicare, compromise is impossible.

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