Aramid IFR Coverall

Aramid IFR Coverall Manufacturers

Hicare protective Wear is the best choice for high-quality protective apparel against job risks. Hicare Safety Wear, the leading safety garment Manufacturer and Exporter in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, continues to provide uncompromising safety solutions for various sectors. Their flagship product is the Aramid IFR Coverall, which offers cutting-edge protection and innovation.

Aramid IFR Coverall
Aramid IFR Coverall

Hicare Safety Wear's High-end product collection includes Aramid IFR Coverall. These carefully designed garments provide unmatched fire resistance and flash fire protection. Due to their specific fabric blends and flame resistance, these garments are reliable shields in high-risk industries, including oil and gas, petrochemicals, refineries, and more.

Our Fire-Retardant Coveralls are crafted from a variety of fabric blends, including 98% Cotton - 2% Antistatic, Treated Flame Resistance Garments, Inherent Modacrylic blend, Inherent Flame Resistance 93-5-2, Proban fabric, and Pyrovatex fabric.

Features of Hicare's Aramid IFR Coverall

Material Composition This coverall is a single-layer design made from an inherent flame-resistant blend comprising 50% Modacrylic, 38% Cotton, 10% Para-aramid, and 2% antistatic material.
  • Made from Aramid fabric.
  • Inherently flame-resistant material.
  • Known for its high strength and durability.
  • Provides excellent protection against heat and flames.
  • Resistant to many chemicals and solvents.
  • Offers comfort and breathability for extended wear.
  • Equipped with multiple pockets for convenient storage.
  • Can often be customized
  • Easy to clean and maintain for long-term use.
Brand: flar-defend
Test/Certification NFPA en-1149 nfpa-2112
Certified in accordance to-ISO11612
NFPA 2112

Certified and Compliant

Hicare Safety Wear's Aramid IFR Coverall demonstrates its quality and safety. This outstanding protective gear was extensively tested and approved to international standards.

  1. ISO 11612: Certified to protect against heat and flame in hazardous settings.
  2. EN 1149: Compliant with the standards for electrostatic dissipative protective clothing, reducing the risk of sparks in potentially explosive atmospheres.
  3. NFPA 2112: Testing and verifying to satisfy flame-resistant garment standards, ensuring its reliability in industrial environments.

Application of Aramid IFR Coverall

Oil and Gas Sector
Oil and Gas Sector
Petrochemical Sector
Petrochemical Sector
Refinery Work
Refinery Work
Industrial Maintenance
Industrial Maintenance
Chemical Processing
Chemical Processing
Power Generation
Power Generation

Why Choose Us?

HiCare Safety Wear's Aramid IFR Coverall is more than protective clothing—it's safety, quality, and innovation. This coverall provides unwavering protection for people who work in the hottest environments with its carefully selected fabric blends, inherent flame resistance, and international certifications. Hicare Safety Wear takes satisfying experiences in being your top protective apparel provider. As pioneers in safety gear manufacturing and exporting in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, we offer several compelling reasons to be your trusted partner. Choose HiCare Safety Wear for a safety-first culture. Working with us encourages a safe and productive workplace for your employees.

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