Arc Flash Suit 12 Cal

Electrical Arc Flash Suit 12 Cal

Hicare Protective Wear is a manufacturer and exporter in Mumbai, India. Our Brand Arc Defence™, a lightweight Arc Flash Protection Suit, protects you from Arc Flash occurring. An arc flash incident happens when an electrical current deviates from its designated route and travels through an open space to reach another conductor. With this in mind, it's evident that an arc flash can happen in any location where an electrical current has an opportunity to escape unexpectedly. An Arc Flash Suit is a specially designed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect electrical workers and technicians from arc flashes.

Electrical Arc Flash Suit 12 Cal

An arc flash arises when a burst of electrical energy is suddenly released. That happens when there is a problem with an electrical system. This phenomenon causes an electric arc to appear. This arc makes a lot of heat, light, and a burst of pressure and audible waves. We also supply the Arc Flash Protection Kit to numerous reputable export partners. The suits are given an Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV) or Energy break threshold (EBT) number that shows how well they protect against arc flashes. As a well-known manufacturer of Arc Flash Suits, we make high-quality goods that are very comfortable and easy to use.

The Arc Flash Suit 12 Cal, recommended for the HRC 2 category, can also be suggested for use in 11 KVapplications. This protection offers users an extra second to prevent potential secondary explosions or flashes in the work area.

Technical Specifications Of Arc Flash suit 12 Cal

Material Composition Single layer Inherent Modacrylic Multi Blend Fabric
  • IFR fabric jacket with zip closure and flap cover.
  • For enhanced protection, the collar is fastened with Velcro to ensure superior wearer safety.
  • Trousers have an elastic waistband for added comfort.
  • The helmet with visor is ASTM F 2178-12 Cal rated and has undergone testing.
  • Reflective tape is applied on the shoulders, sleeves, and bottom for high visibility.
  • FR thread is used consistently during the garment's production.
Kit Content Jacket & Trouser, Class E Helmet with Paulson Face Shield, Fabric Gloves and Storage Bag..
Brand: arcdefence
Test and Certification NFPA
IEC 61482-1-1
ASTM 1506
ASTM 1959
ASTM 2621

Features Of Arc Flash Suit 12 Cal

  • It offers protection against the hazards of an ARC Flash.
  • This suit offers Complete body protection.
  • It ensures user comfort.
  • The FR properties will remain consistent throughout the entire washing cycle.
  • It is stitched using FR thread.

Utilizations Of Arc Flash Suit 12 Cal

Industrial Manufacturing
LT & HT Panel Maintainance
Electric Utility Work
Electricians for workwear
Power Generation Plants
Power Generation Plants
Petrochemical Facilities
Utilities and maintenance

Why Choose Us?

The choice of the best manufacturer and exporters for protective wear becomes of the utmost importance when the goal is to ensure the safety of you or your team. In this situation, Hicare Protective Wear emerges as an established name in this industry. It is essential to always be one step ahead of the competition. We include the newest protective gear technologies in our goods because we innovate. This assures you obtain gear that exceeds safety standards.

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