Arc Flash Suit 75 Cal

Electrical Arc Flash Suit 75 Cal

Hicare Protective wear, a Mumbai-based manufacturer and exporter, offers the Arc Defence™, a lightweight Arc Flash Protection Suit. An arc flash event occurs when an electrical current deviates from its intended course, traversing through an air gap to connect with another conductor, creating a sudden release of energy and intense light, heat, and sound. Considering this perspective, it becomes evident that the potential for an arc flash incident exists where an electrical current could inadvertently escape its intended path.

Electrical Arc Flash Suit 75 Cal

An Arc Flash Suit, classified as specialized personal protective equipment (PPE), is specifically engineered to safeguard electrical workers and technicians from the danger of such occurrences. An arc flash is the rapid discharge of electrical energy caused by a system fault, leading to the formation of an electric arc. This arc emits high levels of heat light and is accompanied by a burst of pressure and sound waves.

We also supply the Arc Flash Protection Kit to numerous renowned exporters.

Our Arc Flash Suits are rated with an Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV) or Energy break threshold (EBT), signifying the degree of protection they offer against arc flash incidents. For instance, the Arc Flash Suit with a rating of 75 Cal is recommended for use in HRC 4 category scenarios. As a leading supplier of Arc Flash Suits, we craft top-quality products that offer wearers exceptional comfort and functionality. This added level of protection provides users with an additional second to prevent secondary explosions or flashes within the work area.

Technical Specification Of Arc Flash Suit 75 Cal

Material Components Multi-layer Inherent arc flash Resistance Fabric 600 GSM.
  • The garment is constructed using multilayer Inherent arc flash-resistant fabric and features zip and Velcro closures, all covered with protective flaps.
  • The trousers are designed with a zipper closure feature.
  • An elasticized side waistband is incorporated to enhance both fit and comfort.
  • The sleeve cuffs are equipped with adjustable straps secured by Velcro closures.
  • The Class E helmet includes a 100-cal rated visor compliant with ASTM F 2178-12.
  • FR reflective tape is applied across the shoulder, sleeves, and bottom to enhance visibility.
  • Flame-resistant (FR) thread is consistently utilized throughout the garment's manufacturing.
  • We provide diverse designs and patterns to serve your specific requirements.
Kit Includes A Jacket & Trouser, Class E Helmet with Paulson Face Shield, Fabric Gloves and Storage Bag.
Model: arcdefence
Test and Certification EN IEC – 61482 -1
ASTM 1959
ASTM 1506
ASTM 2621
ASTM 2178-12

Features Of Electric Arc Flash Suit 75 Cal

  • This product is designed to protect against arc flash hazards and offers safety and security.
  • This suit offers Total body protection.
  • It Ensures user comfort.
  • The flame-resistant properties will remain consistent until the final washing cycle.
  • It is stitched using flame-resistant thread.

Application of 75 Cal Arc Flash Suit

Oil and Gas Refineries
Oil and Gas Refineries
Chemical Processing Plants
Chemical Processing Plants
Construction Sites with Electrical Work
Construction Sites with Electrical Work
Electrical Equipment Troubleshooting
Electrical Equipment Troubleshooting
Transmission Line Maintainance
Transmission Line Maintainance
LT & HT Panel Maintainance
LT & HT Panel Maintainance

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