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Hicare Protective Wears in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India is a well-known Manufacturers and Exporters in the world of personal protective equipment (PPE). We are committed to giving workers in dangerous settings high-quality safety gear to keep them safe.

Fire Fighting Suit

Our FLAREDEFEND-MODEL suit has an outer shell made of Inherent Flame Resistance fabric at its core. It is a perfect mix of high-performance materials: 93% meta-aramid, 5% para-aramid, and 2% antistatic fibers. This fire-resistant combination makes it an excellent first defence against extreme heat and thermal dangers.

Specifications of our Fire Fighting Suits

Outer Shell Garment Made from Inherent Flame Resistance fabric (93% Meta Aramid, 5% Para-Aramid, 2% Antistatic)
Moisture Barrier Aramid/Kevlar non-woven laminated with PTFE membrane for maximum breathability and waterproof performance.
Thermal Barrier Constructed using non-woven ARAMIDE fibers laminated with Nomex/Viscose innermost lining fabric for maximum protection.
Model HCS -NFS 101
Reflective Trim Details
  • 2-inch wide fire-resistant lime-Colour reflective trims with silver stripes.
  • One strip at the lower part of the jacket.
  • Two strips on the jacket sleeves.
  • Two strips at the lower part of the pants.
EN443 Firefighting Helmet Fire-resistant shell, inner basket, chin strap, puncture resistance, retractable face shield, neck protection, reflective and luminescent features.
EN15090 Firefighting Boots Rubber sole vulcanized and certified to ISO 20345 & EN 15090 standards.
EN13911 Firefighting Balaclava Hood Created using a fabric combination of 50% Aramid and 50% Viscose.
Fireman Kit Suit Components
  • EN 469 - Jacket & Trouser
  • EN 443- Helmet
  • EN 15090- Boots
  • EN 659 Hand Gloves
  • EN 13911- Balaclava Hood
Model: HCS -NFS 101
Brand: flar-defend
Test & Certifications: Fire Fighting Suit Fire Fighting Suit Fire Fighting Suit

Features Of Fire Fighting Suit

  • Our firefighting suit is made from fabric naturally resistant to flames and consists of a jacket and trousers.
  • The outer covering has a flap that conceals the zipper and Velcro for extra security.
  • The jacket has 50 mm-wide, two-inch approved flame-resistant fluorescent reflective tape on the arms and chest for increased visibility
  • The suspenders can be adjusted for a better fit, and there's 50 mm-wide fluorescent reflective tape at the bottom of the trousers to keep the pants securely in place.
  • All garment fabrication uses flame-resistant thread and accessories.
  • Two-inch (50 mm) certified flame-resistant bright luminous tape is added to the jacket's chest and arms for visibility. Garment production always uses flame-resistant thread and accessories.

Applications Of Fire Fighting Suit

Fire Protection
Fire Protection
Heat Resistance
Heat Resistance
Smoke and Gas Protection
Smoke and Gas Protection
Thermal Insulation
Thermal Insulation
Industrial Fires
Industrial Fires
Aviation and Marine Firefighting
Aviation and Marine Firefighting
Hazmat Incidents
Hazmat Incidents
Disaster Response
Disaster Response

Advantages Of Firefighters suit

Heat and Flame Resistance
The Nomex firefighting suits offer superior protection against high heat and flames as they are constructed from naturally flame-resistant materials.
The fact that this suits offer a high level of protection while still being relatively lightweight enables firefighters to move freely and perform their duties efficiently.
Protection against Radiant Heat
Fire Fighting Suits are known for their excellent insulation against radiant heat, which helps lower the danger of burns caused by indirect contact flames.
European Standard Compliance
Firefighting suits that are certified to EN 469 are under strict European requirements. It ensures that the wearers have high protection and safety during work. These suits are often designed with numerous layers of materials that are resistant to heat and provide increased protection against heat, flames, and thermal exposure.
Maximum Protection
The best-quality firefighting suits are designed to provide the highest protection against severe heat, flames, and radiant heat. This helps to ensure that firefighters stay safe in potentially dangerous situations.
No melting or leaking
PBI (polybenzimidazole), the fibers used to make firefighting gear, offer excellent thermal resistance. This makes them useful in high-temperature situations. PBI fibers don't melt or drip when exposed to flames, which is another way they shield firefighters from dangerous situations.

Essential Firefighter Apparel: Uniforms, Jackets, Trousers, and Safety Attire

Firefighting is a very dangerous job that requires firefighters to wear unique clothes to stay safe and do their jobs well. The clothes firefighters wear are more than just uniforms; they are carefully made to protect them from extreme heat, flames, and other dangerous situations.

Firefighters Uniform
A firefighter's outfit is a special set of clothes made to protect them and make them as useful as possible during firefighting and rescue work. The uniform comprises a jacket and pants and is typically made of modern fire-resistant fabrics that provide insulation in dangerously high temperatures. Firefighter uniforms have pockets for storing necessary equipment and bright stripes to increase visibility in low-light conditions.
Firefighters Jacket
The firefighters' jacket is the most crucial piece of protective gear that they need in dangerous situations. These jackets are made of specialist fire-resistant fabrics that can withstand high temperatures and flames. Most modern coats also include moisture barriers, which keep water from penetrating the garment and increase the wearer's comfort level. Reflective components enhance the wearer's visibility in low-light conditions.
A fireman needs to wear flame-resistant pants as part of their uniform. These pants are designed to endure extremely high temperatures and offer protection to the lower body during exposure. The knees and thigh sections have been reinforced to offer increased durability, and design features have been used to promote ease of movement in demanding conditions.
Turnout Gear
Turnout Gear, Bunker Gear, or firefighting gear is a unique Personal Protective Wear (PPE), a specific clothing and protective equipment firefighters wear to shelter themselves from firefighting and rescue operations.

Why Choose Us?

Hicare Protective Wear, founded in 2017, has emerged as a respected industry leader in providing safety products for firefighters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Our extensive selection of safety apparel includes top-notch options such as aluminized fire proximity suits, Kevlar suits, Nomex coveralls, fire entry suits, fire blankets, and 100% cotton flame retardant garments. We offer a variety of products, including molten metal splash apparel, thermal blankets, welding protection blankets, and safety gloves like Kevlar and aluminized gloves.

At Hicare Protective Wear, we are committed to offering products that match the highest industry standards for quality and safety. We prioritize ongoing research and development to ensure we stay at the forefront of innovation, which has enabled us to continuously improve the functionality and effectiveness of our clothing. Our commitment to delivering your order quickly and dependably, offering competitive prices, and ensuring outstanding customer satisfaction has made us the preferred option for high-quality protective wear.

Our company exports products to various countries, such as the Maldives, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. This allows our safety solutions to have a global impact and improve worker safety internationally. Numerous clients trust our Inherent flame resistant coverall to protect their workers from dangerous environments.

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