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Are you looking for high-quality Fire Blankets? Here we are; Hicare Protective Wear is a reputed Manufacturer and Exporter from Goa, India that sells unbreakable fire blankets.

Fire Blanket

A fire blanket is a fabric stitched into blankets with fire-resistance properties that are highly built for workers who work in laboratories, workshops, and other areas which incur a risk of tiny fires. This blanket is supposed to be made with fiberglass or wool for effective rescue operation. It forces air out and destroys fires by cutting away the supply of oxygen that the fire requires. Fiberglass consists of glass fibers woven into a structure that retains air pockets.

In the case of a fire that occurs Fire blanket or firefighting apparatus is necessary. According to the temperature range, the temperature is up to 1300 °C for Nextel ceramic fibers, 1200 °C for glass fibers, 480 °C for Kevlar, and 570 °C for wool. These are all sustainable for nonflammable substances.

Features Of Fire Blanket

Being a reputed Fire blanket manufacturer, exporter, and Supplier in Goa, India, Our fire blankets include innovative features that put safety, effectiveness, and usability first. Here are a few advanced characteristics that make our fire blankets unique:

  • Quick and easy deployment in case of fire emergencies
  • It helps prevent fire spread and minimize potential damage.
  • Non-toxic and safe for use around people and pets
  • Made Out Of 100% fiberglass fabric
  • The thickness of the fabric is Thickness: 0.43 MM ensuring the blanket remains lightweight and manageable for quick deployment.
  • With a size of 1 x 2 meters, the blanket can be wrapped around a person for protection against clothing fires.
  • Surfaces with strengthening for increased toughness and longevity
  • It can shield and protect valuable assets from heat and sparks.
  • Provides an additional layer of protection during escape from fire situations
  • The blanket's construction and materials are non-toxic, ensuring user and environment safety during deployment.
  • The fire blanket requires minimal maintenance, making it a convenient and reliable fire safety tool.

Test and Certifications

Every safety product comes up with appropriate tests and certifications to ensure a secure and protected environment for every wearer. We are trusted manufacturers and exporters developing innovative fire blankets in Goa, and India. Please read below to learn more about our test and certificate specifications.

ASTM D 3776 - Standard
The standard ASTM D 3776 says this is a procedure of calculating the mass per unit area, or weight, of various textile materials described by ASTM D 3776. This measurement is essential for finding out the thickness and how strong it is to make a fire blanket. As a result of implementing this standard, manufacturers like us can offer precise and consistent weight specifications for our products. This standard ensures that the fire blanket meets the ideal weightage for backing off the fire efficiently and making as easy to carry.
IS 1969 - Methods of Testing Textiles
IS 1969 is an Indian Standard that provides information about different ways to test fabrics. Regarding fire blankets, this standard includes a variety of tests for fire resistance, heat protection, and long-term use. Meeting with IS 1969 means fire blankets meet certain quality and safety standards. This makes them reliable tools for putting out fires and keeping them from spreading. These tests include how the cloth reacts to heat, flames, and other everyday things in fires.
IS 11871 Standard
A fire Blanket made with IS 11871 ensures that the cloth control fires, protect against heat, and aids in emergency wrapping. This is considered to be the Indian Standard that is related to the fire blanket cloth. This standard contains the fire blanket making, testing, labeling, and how they perform. With this standard's help, we can ensure that it will protect people from heat and help in emergencies where individuals may need to be wrapped up for their safety.

Applications of Fire Proximity Suit

Kitchen Fires
Kitchen Fires
Clothing Fires
Clothing Fires
Small Household Fires
Small Household Fires
Welding Protection
Welding Protection
Laboratory Emergencies
Laboratory Emergencies
Emergency Rescue Operations
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