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Aluminized Fire Entry Suit

Hicare Protective Wear is the trusted manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters Of Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) In Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. our company is known for its innovative safety solutions and unwavering dedication. We provide Hicare Safety Fire Entry Suits with high levels of protection and comfort, as well as proper membrane fabric and respirators for fire extinguishing purposes. Fire Entry Suit made of multi-layer fabric for protection against the fire & heat, having the provision of breathing apparatus on the back side of jacket.


A fire entry suit, also called a Proximity suit, is a special type of protective clothing to protect firefighters and other emergency workers from intense heat, flames, and radiant energy in high-temperature situations, such as firefighting or hazardous material incidents.

With our advanced flame-resistant materials, thermal barriers, and moisture-resistant layers, these Aluminized fire entry suits offer a multi-layered defence system that keeps the wearer's body from coming into direct touch with flames and high temperatures. With features like built-in hats, gloves, and boots, fire entry suits provide full protection and allow first responders to work safely and effectively in the most difficult and dangerous situations.

Technical Data Sheet Of Aluminised Fire Entry Suit

Material Description
  • Outer shell made of special aluminised para-aramid blend fabric tested as per NFPA 1971 standard
  • PTFE Moisture Barrier fabric
  • Thermal Barrier blend quilted with inherent flame resistance fabric
  • Flame resistance fleece fabric
Suit Consist & Design
  • A Jacket and Trousers crafted from a fabric blend of aluminised para-aramid, designed with a built-in B.A. Set facility on the back side.
  • High-waist pants with adjustable 2-inch suspenders and leg bottoms featuring adjustable straps.
  • Gloves with five fingers designed for protection against radiant heat.
  • The hood features a unique glass visor with original 24 Carat Gold Vapour depositions to resist extremely high radiant heat.
  • Overshoes: The Shoes have a double fastening at the back and a Velcro fastening belt inside the aluminised overcoat for securing the shoes.
Weight The weight of whole suit approximately 12 KG.
Brand: HICARE ™
Temperature resistance : Ambient Heat 815 °C
Radiant heat resist 1650°C
Radiant heat to 3000°F (1650°C).
Test & Certifications: Aluminized Fire Proximity Suit
Tested as per NFPA 1971 standard

Features Of Fire Entry Suit

Hicare Protective Wear is a capable manufacturers and exporters from Chhattisgarh, India. We make it easy for all of our products to work together. We provide some advanced features of our fire entry suit that protect workers from extreme heat hazards.

  • Multi-layer fabric construction designed for exceptional protection from flames and extreme heat.
  • Outer layers are crafted from advanced aluminized para-aramid blend fabric for heat reflection.
  • Integrated breathing apparatus provision strategically located on the jacket's backside.
  • The Hood has a specialized glass visor featuring 24 Carat Gold Vapour deposition.
  • Gold-infused visor ensures prolonged durability in high-temperature environments.
  • Jacket and trousers constructed from specialized aluminized para-aramid blend fabric.
  • Enhanced resistance to heat prevents distortion or degradation of the visor.
  • Balanced weight distribution ensures firefighter comfort and reduces physical strain.
  • Radiant heat resistance of up to 3000°F (1650°C) showcases the suit's formidable thermal insulation.
  • The suit's insulation capability addresses time-sensitive tasks such as rescue missions and equipment retrieval.
  • Adjustable suspenders allow for a personalized fit, accommodating various body types.

Proven Performance: Tests and Certifications

At Hicare Safety, faith is built on a history of success and a strong commitment to safety. Our Fire Entry Suits are proof of this, as they are proudly adorned with several prestigious approvals that prove their high standards and reliability.We are the top exporters and manufacturers in Chhattisgarh and PAN India.

NFPA 1971 Certifications
The NFPA 1971 permission is more than simply a badge; it's a sign of quality that shows our Fire Entry Suits have been tested and looked at closely. This license says that our suits are the best way to protect against the intense heat, flames, and radiant energy firefighters have to deal with. We're happy to work with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to change how firefighter safety is viewed worldwide.
NFPA 2112
Our dedication to safety goes beyond just firefighting, which is why our Fire Entry Suits have also been certified by the NFPA 2112. This label ensures that our suits protect very well against industrial flash fires. These suits make them a good choice for people working in dangerous places like factories, chemical plants, etc.
Passed Live Fire Test
Our Fire Entry Suits have passed theoretical criteria and the ultimate test: exposure to real flames. This definitive test confirms the durability and safety of our suits in actual fire conditions. Our dedication to delivering protective gear that doesn't fail when lives are on the line is strengthened with every successful live fire test.

Application Of Aluminized Fire Entry Suit

Aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF)
Aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF)
Industrial boiler rooms
Industrial boiler rooms
Radiant Heat Exposure
Radiant Heat Exposure
Confined Spaces
Confined Spaces
Petrochemical Plants
Petrochemical Plants

Advantages of Fire Entry Suit

Unparalleled Heat Protection
Hicare Protective Wear provides Fire Entry Suit with high heat protection. Protecting firefighters from intense heat, flames, and radiant energy in dangerous situations.
Optimal Comfort and Mobility
This fire entry suit will give you full comfort and mobility because of the high-quality material inner layer. This balance ensures that responders can perform their duties effectively without being encumbered by heavy or restrictive gear.
Reduced Risk of Injury
Fire entry suits considerably reduce the danger of burn injuries and other thermal risks by acting as a barrier of protection against heat and flames.
High-Quality Materials
Fire entry suits are made from premium materials such as Kevlar and Nomex, which are precisely constructed. In hazardous and demanding conditions, this suit ensures outstanding endurance and unwavering reliability and performance.

Material Composition Of Fire Entry Suit

Our carefully made Fire Entry Suit is made of a sophisticated mix of high-performance materials that are layered to provide the best protection and comfort for workers working in the most difficult and dangerous places. Our dedication to safety is clear in every part of our suits.

Outer Shell
The outer shell is made of a special aluminized para-aramid blend cloth. It is very resistant to radiant heat and flames and meets the strict standards of NFPA 1971.
Second Layer - Aluminized Moisture Barrier
An aluminized moisture barrier underneath the outer shell significantly increases the suit's heat resistance. The barrier protects the suit's structural integrity, even in challenging conditions.
Third Layer
The addition of a third layer demonstrates our dedication to security. This thermal barrier, treated with heat to make it flame-resistant, acts as an extra layer of protection against high temperatures and reduces the likelihood of burn injuries.
Inner Layer
We've put a lot of thought into the innermost layers to ensure maximum comfort and practicality. The PTFE membrane and aramid/Kevlar non-woven lamination provide excellent breathability, allowing the wearer to control body temperature and moisture without sacrificing comfort or mobility.

By investing in our Fire Entry Suit, you are choosing to make no sacrifices for your safety. You can rest assured that your absolute safety has been considered at every production stage. With the help of Hicare Protective Wear, the industry's leading manufacturers and exporters, you can confidently face the most demanding situations.

We Supply Our Products At The Following Cities Of Chhattisgarh

Bastar, Bijapur, Bilaspur, Dantewada, Dhamtari, Janjgir Champa, Jashpur, Kabirdham, Kanker, Korba, Mahasamund, Narayanpur, Raigarh, Raipur, Rajnandgaon, and Surguja.

Why Choose Us?

The answer is obvious when it comes to assuring top-tier safety in high-risk areas: Hicare Protective Wears should be your first-choice partner and location of preference. We, headquartered in Chhattisgarh, India, are a manufacturers, reliable supplier, and reputed exporter of safety gear. The company is recognized as a prominent leader in the field of safety gear. The faith that our customers have placed in us is readily apparent by our track record. Firefighters and other industrial personnel have repeatedly depended on our fire entry suits because we provide innovative protection in even the most challenging circumstances. This has helped establish our image as a brand that can be counted on.

We are aware of the significance of working within financial limits. Our focus on the customer makes it possible for us to accommodate your need for protection within the limits of your financial plan without compromising the quality or security level. Don't wait for a convenient time to address your safety concerns. Connect With us today; we are here to protect you from the dangers of extreme heat with a piece of cloth.

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