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Hicare Protective Wear is a trusted manufacturers, exporters and suppliers in Goa, India. Our products are a Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) collection, including an Aluminised Aramid Fire Suit. These suits can withstand high temperatures and don't catch fire easily; these are the main two features of out of many characteristics.

Aluminised Fire Suit (Aramid)

An Aluminized Aramid Fire Suit is clothing designed to protect the wearer from high-temperature hazards. Hicare’s ALUMASTER is the main heat-resistant qualities of aramid suits that are ideal for high-temperature conditions. The central part of this suit is to reflect 95% of the radiant heat, Which releases more heat away from the body. The inside cooler capacity of the suit will help the workers eliminate situations like heat-related injuries.

Specifications Of Aluminized Fire Suit

Exterior layer Made of 460 GSM Premium Aluminized Para-aramid knitted blend fabric, Tested and approved to EN ISO 11612:2015 class A1, A2, B2, C4, D3, E3.
Central Layer The neoprene-coated fabric serves as a vapour barrier to enhance waterproof performance.
Inner Layer(1) A lining made of naturally non-woven material that offers increased protection.
Inner Layer(2) Fabric made of flame-resistant cotton that is certified to EN ISO 11612 A1, B1, C1, and C4.
Material structure Exceptional 460 GSM" refers to a product or material that stands out due to its high-quality and substantial weight of 460 grams per square meter.
Suit Components Jacket & Trouser, Hood with Visor, Five finger Hand Gloves, Boots
Temperature Range Radiant Heat 600 to 800 °C
Brand alumaster
Test & Certification EN ISO 11612 -A1, B1,C1, C4, D3, E3

Features Of Aluminised Fire Suit

  • The jacket has an FR zipper hidden by a flap outer shell with Velcro to provide additional protection.
  • Pants with waist elastic and adjustable flame-resistant suspenders.
  • Fireman helmet with a hood and visor, compliant with IS-2745.
  • Gloves featuring both woollen and flame-resistant lining for insulation
  • Shoes with superior-quality neoprene soles are designed to provide exceptional oil skidding and heat resistance.
  • EN 388 and EN 407 highly durable aramid thread stitches the entire garment.
  • Available in one-size-fits-all.

Applications of Aluminised Fire Suit

Industrial Furnaces
Industrial Furnaces
Welding and Metalwork
Welding and Metalwork
Oil and Gas Industry
Oil and Gas Industry
Chemical Processing
Chemical Processing
Rescue Operations
Rescue Operations
Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting
Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting
Military Applications
Military Applications

Aluminized Fire Suits: Key Benefits

Hicare Protective Wear is one of the well-known manufacturers and exporters In Goa, India, that produce high-end Aluminized aramid suits for brave firefighters. Here we are showing our product advantages for your better understanding,

Reflection of Radiant Heat
The aluminized layer deforms radiant heat away from the wearer, making them safer while in close contact with sources of strong heat. The clothing can withstand direct heat of 1200 to 1400°C, which makes it safest to wear in places with high temperatures.
Molten Metal Protection
These suits are made of Aluminized coating, which gives extreme protection against molten metal splashes. This is essential for people who work in metalworking and foundries.
Layered Security
Aramid Fiber and aluminized coating is the highlight feature of this suit that provides multi-layer protection for the wearer. The amount of insulation layers included with the Aramid suit determines the protection level from extreme heat hazards.
Long Lasting Solution
This suit is constructed with durable material like aramid thread. This material can last long and endure harsh conditions for prolonged use.
Safety For Waterproof
Fabric with a neoprene coating can function as a vapour barrier, meaning that the interior will remain dry and pleasant even under wet conditions.
Complete Body Safeguarding
Our suit offers complete body protection, including an integrated hood, gloves, and boots. This will protect the wearer from the head down to the feet.

Innovative Fabric Composition of Firefighting Suit

Material composition is considered to be the most important factor in every material. Our Aluminized Aramid Firefighting Suit is made of carefully chosen materials to give the best protection in tough and dangerous situations. Check our material composition for better knowledge.

Exterior Layer
The topmost part of the suit is made from a quality 460 GSM Aluminized Para-aramid knitted blend fabric tested and certified in compliance with EN ISO 11612:2015, the most recent European standards. This certification confirms the suit's excellent resistance to heat, flames, and molten metal splashes, according to requirements by categories A1, A2, B2, C4, D3, and E3.
Middle Layer
The suit has a layer of Neoprene-coated fabric in the middle, which is put in such a way that it acts as a vapour barrier. This Neoprene layer makes the garment better at keeping water out and ensures the wearers stay comfortable when wet and rough outside.
Interior layer
A lining of non-woven material was carefully created at the suit's core to offer improved protection. This inner layer adds another layer of protection against heat and flames, making the user safer.

Maintaining Your Aluminized Aramid Fire Suit: Essential Tips

Maintaining your Aluminized Aramid Fire Suit ensures longevity and efficiency in high-heat conditions. Being the best manufacturers and exporters in Goa, India, We have some tips to Maintain your suit; follow these tips:

After the cleaning, clip the suit in a room with more ventilation so it can dry naturally without any heat or sunlight that could harm the product. Avoid direct sunlight and heat sources, which could reduce the durability of the cloth.
Storage is also important for the suit to get a long life span. Keep the suit in areas with severe temperatures. Use a hanger to keep the suit's shape and keep it from getting wrinkled.
Follow Manufacturer Guidelines
Maintainance procedure is required for every workwear, But it depends on the materials and manufacturing used.

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There are a lot of advantages that come along with selecting Hicare Safety Wear as your source of safety equipment. Our attention to quality and track record of excellence makes us the top choice for experts in many industries. Our safety solutions satisfy the highest industry standards and protect you in difficult circumstances because of our broad expertise. We are the top manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of life-saving products in Goa, India.

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