Aluminized Leg Guard Manufacturers in Himachal Pradesh

Aluminised Leg Guard Manufacturers

Hicare Protective Wear Is the best Manufacturers and Exporters to provide Aluminised Leg guards in Himachal Pradesh, and India.

Aluminised Leg Guard

Aluminised Leg Guard is made with advanced material and excellent craftsmanship to provide superior protection from hot environments. The lower portion of the legs and feet are covered with aluminum leg guards, which are commonly worn over everyday work attire to act as a barrier against these possible dangers.

The Aluminized Leg Guard Is made with aluminized cloth in their construction is the main feature of this product. Heat-resistant substrates such as fiberglass or kevlar occurred like a thin layer in the aluminium. This aluminized layer acts as a reflective shield, directing heat and radiant energy away from the wearer's body.

Specifications of Hicare's Aluminized Leg Guard

Outer Layer Constructed from aluminized fiberglass or aramid fabric for exceptional radiant heat resistance.
Interior Layer Equipped with a heat-resistant FR cotton lining for enhanced wearer comfort and protection.
Temprature Range 500°C to 800°C.
Available Size Available in standard 16" size or can be tailored to specific requirements, accommodating various leg lengths.
Test & Certifications: Aluminized Fire Proximity Suit
EN ISO 11612 (A1, A2, B2, C1, C4) Radiant Heat (Code C4 of ISO 11612)

Features Of Aluminized Leg Guard

Hicare Protective Wear is the best manufacturer and supplier in Himachal Pradesh. Our Aluminized leg guard is crafted with utmost care with superior quality. Read more about our aluminized leg guard features.

  • Designed with Velcro adjustments for a secure and customized fit, ensuring comfort and preventing slippage during work.
  • The aluminized leg guards are certified to meet the stringent standards of EN ISO 11612, a European standard that defines the performance requirements for protective clothing against heat and flame.
  • They are crafted with precision stitching and high-quality materials to ensure durability even in demanding industrial environments.
  • The leg guards meet the criteria of Code C4 of ISO 11612, indicating their exceptional resistance to radiant heat. This certification underscores their effectiveness in protecting against radiant heat hazards.

Application of Aluminised Leg Guard

Steel Mills
Steel Mills
Glass Manufacturing
Glass Manufacturing
Furnace Operations
Furnace Operations
Emergency Response
Emergency Response
Metallurgical Plants
Metallurgical Plants
Oil Refineries
Oil Refineries
Roofing and Insulation Work
Roofing and Insulation Work

Advantages of Aluminised Leg Guard

Protection Against Splashes
Aluminized Leg Guards stand like a barrier against molten metal splashes. Wearing this prevents direct contact with the skin and reduces the risk of burns.
Reduced Skin Irritation
Aluminized leg guards' ability to absorb moisture and breathable qualities reduces the possibility of skin rashes and irritation caused by continued exposure to heat and sweat.
Easy Maintenance
Aluminized Leg Guard is easy to clean and maintain. This allows the users to keep their safety gear in optimum condition and valuable for long-term use.
Protection Against Molten Metal and Water
Aluminized Leg Guard has water resistance capabilities. At the same time, it will protect from molten metal splashes. According to the wearer, a long-lasting product must be appropriate. These features enhance the versatility of the product.

How to Do Aluminised fabric leg guard Perform in Different Environmental Conditions?

Hicare Protective Wear is made with an aluminized leg guard to work well in various environmental conditions. The structure and materials are flexible, making them a reliable protection regardless of the surrounding factors. As reputed manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Himachal Pradesh, India, our aluminized leg guard can be valuable for the given environmental situations.

High Humidity
The intention behind aluminized material is to work with highly humid environments. The made-up aluminized leg guard has moisture-wicking properties that handle sweating and wetness. This will keep the leg guard comfortable for the users. Even when it's hot, workers can trust that aluminized leg guards will keep them safe without making them uncomfortable.
Rain and Water Exposure
It can eradicate the problem with rain or water because of these anti-wet properties. This characteristic is especially helpful in construction, emergency response, and outdoor jobs. Workers can eliminate the fear of water damage while working.
Extreme Temperatures
Aluminized leg guard is built with the property to fight the extreme temperature. The diverse range of usability of this product makes it an unchangeable choice. It can withstand a high temperature without interrupting your work, Whether you are in a hot position or cold storage sites.

Cost effectiveness Of Heat Resistant Leg Guard

As we all know, cost-effectiveness is the most critical factor in a workplace safety scenario. Adding High-quality safety equipment is essential at the same time, and it is a little expensive. Our Hicare heat-resistant guard is considered the cost-effective solution for your workplace.

Have you ever thought investing in Safety Gear is much better than working in a dangerous situation without ensuring safety?

Aluminized Leg Guard makes the workers more productive and focused. Spending on aluminized leg guards does more than make people safer in the short term. It has a bearing on the entire workplace. Employees who feel safe in their safety gear can pay attention to their job. This makes them more fruitful and helps to increase their total job satisfaction.

When considered in terms of long-term cost saving, aluminized leg guards become more of an investment than a cost. Their cost-effectiveness is in line with the principle of avoiding accidents and injuries while cutting down on medical bills. These guards set the stage for higher morale and productivity in the workplace as well as a more long-term strategy for safety.


In Conclusion, Aluminized Leg Guard is an integral part of safety wear. It protects from extreme heat, molten metal, and radiation. This Strong protector is proven that it can withstand high temperatures and give safety to the users. Choosing aluminized leg guards indicates prioritizing protection, new ideas, and safety standards. Remember to select reliable manufacturers like Hicare Protective Wears. We prioritize the commitment to worker safety with our unmatched protection gear.

We Supply Our Products At The Following Cities Of Himachal Pradesh

Shimla, Solan, Mandi, Kangra, Dharmashala, Una, Chamba, Bilaspur, Hamirpur, Kullu, Nahan, Palampur, Paonta, Sahib, Rohru, Sarkaghat, Sundernagar, Jogindernagar, Nalagarh, Mandi, Kasauli.

Why Choose Us ?

When it comes to ensuring safety and reliable safety products, Hicare Protective Wear is the trusted manufacturers and exporters In Himachal Pradesh, India. We know how important this choice is and are committed to being trustworthy manufacturers in providing high-quality safety solutions.

Our Commitment to manufacturing advanced safety solutions always stays ahead of the path. We keep improving our goods because we are committed to developing new ideas. Our Aluminized Leg Guard is an excellent source of our innovations. We have used the latest technologies and Hand Picked materials to protect workers from extreme heat and dangerous conditions. If you are choosing us, you are choosing safety gears engaged with innovation.

As a reputable manufacturer, supplier and exporter in Himachal Pradesh, India, We are adhering to the international safety standard. This is not a certificate. This is what we earned with our commitment to excellence. With years of experience in this industry, we hold the relevant certification for ensuring our products are completely secure for the workers who play a role in safety is essential. Remember, you're choosing safety gear that you can trust.

We recognize that each business setting presents its particular challenges and demands. That's why we provide individualized services to meet your requirements. Our aluminized leg guards are adjustable, so you can get the best possible fit without sacrificing comfort. We go above and beyond to meet your needs for a risk-free working environment.

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