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Fire Fighting Hand Gloves

We all know that safety is paramount; having the proper protective wear is essential. Hicare Protective Wear is dedicated to making the best Fire Fighting Gloves without compromising quality and comfort for the brave firefighters who risk their lives to keep our communities safe. We are situated in Uttar Pradesh, India and emerged as a top-notch Manufacturer and Exporting high-quality firefighting gloves that set new standards in the industry.

Fire Fighting Gloves

Fire Fighting Gloves are specially crafted protective gloves to provide firefighters with essential hand protection when fighting hazards and extreme conditions. According to Personal Protective Equipment(PPE), a pair of hand gloves, Fire fighting hand gloves, and Fireproof Gloves are considered crucial in firefighters' Pockets.

Outer Shell EN 659 Flare Defend™ made of Black cow split Leather with special treatment against high temperature resistance.
Moisture Barrier Second layer with polyurethane coating
Thermal Barrier Knitted aramid fabric for better protection against heat, abrasion & cutting
Third Layer Silver yellow reflective tape on the above portion of finger
Cuff Stitch FR Knitted cuff stitch with FR meta-aramid Thread
Resistance Penetration of water & oil
Sizes Available Three regular hand sizes: 9/L, 10/XL, 11/XXL
Model Number HCFGPROFIRE – 03
Brand: flaredefend
Test/Certification EN 659: 2003 + A1 :2008

Design & Features Of Fire Fighting Gloves

  • Made with advanced firefighting materials to efficiently protect firefighters from lames, extreme heat, and thermal hazards and ensure their safety in high-risk environments.
  • Developed and Manufactured by EN 659 standards, providing superior functionality, longevity and safety that meets internationally recognized firefighting gear requirements.
  • Gloves come in dark blue for high visibility and are easily identifiable for firefighters in Low lights.
  • We Used a layered design method to make firefighting gloves for firefighters that defend against heat, flames, and potential dangers.
  • Included fire-resistant (FR) attachments and thread during production, improving gloves' fire resistance and safety.
  • Designed with a movable closure system, so firefighters may get a tight, custom fit that improves their safety and comfort.

Advantages Of Fire Fighting Gloves

Firefighting gloves are essential personal protective equipment (PPE) for firefighters. Hicare Protective Wear in Uttar Pradesh, produces these gloves with several built-in benefits for use in potentially dangerous situations. Key benefits of firefighting hand gloves include the following:

Protection from Thermal Hazards
The purpose behind these gloves is when firefighters handle hot surfaces or materials, they will protect their hands.
Protection From Chemicals Textiles
Our gloves are built with chemical and hazard resistance. This will add extra protection to the firefighters in high-risk environments.
Moisture Management
Even when hands are wet with water, sweating, or other liquids, gloves have moisture-wicking characteristics to keep hands dry and pleasant.
Comfort and Fit
Leather gloves fit into the shape of your hands, offering an accurate and comfortable fit that improves flexibility and reduces hand stress.
Time-Tested Material
Leather has been used for years for its long life span, showed effectiveness, popularity etc.

Application Of Fire Fighting Gloves

Structural Firefighting
Structural Firefighting
Rescue Operations
Rescue Operations
Hazardous Material Handling
Hazardous Material Handling
Industrial Fires
Industrial Fires
Aircraft Firefighting
Aircraft Firefighting
High-Rise Operations
High-Rise Operations
Chemical Spills
Chemical Spills
Oil and Gas Industry
Oil and Gas Industry

Test and Certifications

The European norm EN 659 specifies minimum performance criteria for firefighter protection gloves. Specific aspects of gloves firefighters wear in rescue and firefighting operations are covered, including their functionality, design, fabrication, testing, and certification. The purpose of EN 659 is to guarantee that firefighters have access to gloves that offer sufficient safety and functionality for them to accomplish their jobs in potentially dangerous conditions

The Significance of Firefighting Hand Gloves

When it comes to protecting firefighters' hands from the potentially lethal threats they face, Hicare Protective wears firefighting hand gloves are the unnoticed product of the firefighting outfit. Being manufactures and exporters in Uttar Pradesh, India, we understand the importance of firefighting gloves. These gloves signify their strength and safety in the dangerous field of firefighting. This will help the firefighters can withstand any hazardous environments.

Fire-Proof Gloves
When facing high-end temperatures rises, our fire-fighting hand gloves keep your hand safe. These gloves are developed with advanced fire-fighting materials that resist extreme heat and flames. Firefighters can confidently handle their tools and perform life-saving acts without worrying about burns or injuries.
Structural Firefighting Gloves
Structural Firefighting Gloves are specialized protective gear that keeps firefighters' hands safe during the most dangerous and challenging situations, like structure fires. These gloves were designed to protect firefighters' hands from the extreme heat and flames they would encounter. They are more than just equipment; they are an aid and a shield that helps firefighters move through dangerous environments with strength and assurance.
Firefighters Leather Gloves
Leather gloves are necessary for firefighters dealing with fires and other dangerous situations. These gloves are made to protect your hands in a way that steps above what other gloves do. These gloves are a vital protective barrier, sheild firefighters from the high heat and potential burns they face when entering a burning structure or managing dangerous material during a fire. The main component of these gloves is made with leather, which will make the gloves an ideal choice. Leather has the proven result of heat-resistant properties. We meticulously crafted our fire-fighting leather hand gloves for the firefighters to handle equipment and materials with a steadfast grip.
High-Visibility Gloves
In low light situations like night and there is a lot of smoke, these gloves materials will become bright. So the users can see things quickly.
Dual-Use Gloves
Some gloves are created to serve multiple purposes, such as fighting structural fires, rescuing victims from vehicles, and providing general emergency assistance.

We Supply Our Products At The Following Cities Of Uttar Pradesh

Lucknow, Kanpur,Varanasi, Allahabad, Agra, Ghaziabad, Meerut, Aligarh, Mordabad, Bareilly, Saharanpur, Gorakhpur, Jhansi, Rampur, Mathura, Muzaffarnagar, Shahjahanpur, Farrukhabad, Mirzapur, Jaunpur.

Why Choose Us?

Are you concerned about choosing suitable firefighting Gloves for your safety needs? Hicare protective wear stands out as the top manufacturers and exporters in Uttar Pradesh, India, that care about your safety needs. We are dedicated in this safety sector to complete the fulfillment of our customer's needs. This is set us apart from our competitors in this field.

We know fire fighting is not an easy job, so that is why we specially crafted our products with international standards. Our products undergo testing and quality checking before they reach your hands. We consider this our priority to be a genuine manufacturers in this industry. You can assure that our products are made with a high-quality material guarantee, which will serve your purposes according to the situation.

Our influence reaches very far beyond the city of Uttar Pradesh. Our product is widely available for firefighters all over the world. This will result in the broad global distribution network that we have established. This has a beneficial effect on the overall level of safety and protection on a worldwide scale.

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