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Cold Storage Suit

It has become evident that Hicare Protective Wear is a renowned and trustworthy name in the manufacturing, supplying, and exporting of cold storage suits.

Cold Storage Suit

For those who operate in cold environments such as freezer rooms, refrigerated warehouses, cold storage facilities, and other similar locations, a Cold Storage Suit—also known as a freezer suit or cold weather suit—is a specialized piece of protective gear.

100% polyester fabric makes up the outer layer of the "COLD Shield" Cold Protection freezer suit. Polyester is a resilient, stretch-resistant fabric that is flexible and long-lasting. This fabric selection ensures that the suit can withstand harsh environments, such as cold storage facilities, in addition to extending its lifespan.

Specifications of Hicare's cold storage suit

Outer Shell Special aluminised para-aramid blend fabric, tested according to NFPA 1971 standard.
Moisture Barrier PTFE Moisture Barrier fabric
Thermal Barrier Blend quilted with inherent flame resistance fabric
Flame-Resistant Layer Made With Flame resistance fleece fabric.
Suit Components
  • A jacket and trousers crafted from aluminised para-aramid blend fabric, featuring a built-in backside facility for a Breathing Apparatus Set (B.A Set).
  • Gloves with five fingers designed for protection against radiant heat.
  • The hood features a special glass visor with 24 Carat Gold Vapor deposition for excellent radiant heat resistance.
  • The shoes should feature dual rear fastening and a Velcro fastening strap for securing them inside the aluminised overcoat.
Temprature Range
  • Ambient Heat 815°C
  • Aluminised radiant heat resist 1650°C
  • Total Flame Resistance 1093°C
Brand : coldshield
Test & Certifications: Tested as per EN 1486 standard

Key Features Of Cold Storage Suit

  • 100% polyester jacket and pants with reflective tape at the bottom, sleeves, and shoulders.
  • Fabric made of fleece that resists flames.
  • Extra insulation to provide water resistance and provide intense warmth and moisture management.
  • Sealed seams keep moisture and cold air out.
  • Superior materials guarantee durability in operation.
  • Adjustable fasteners provide a tight fit.
  • Controlled moisture ensures a dry interior.
  • Fine workmanship for long-lasting quality.
  • Thoroughly tested to ensure optimal functionality in below-freezing temperatures.
  • In chilly climates, full-body jackets and trousers provide total protection.

Applications Of Cold Storage Suit

Cold Storage Facilities
Cold Storage Facilities
Food Processing Industry
Food Processing Industry
Frozen Food Industry
Frozen Food Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Logistics and Warehousing
Logistics and Warehousing
Outdoor Work in Cold Climates
Outdoor Work in Cold Climates
Refrigerated Transport
Refrigerated Transport
Emergency Services and Disaster Response
Emergency Services and Disaster Response

Advantages Of Cold protection suit

As a producer and supplier based in Mumbai, India, Hicare Protective Wear is aware of the benefits that premium cold storage suits provide a range of industries. Here are a few benefits of wearing a cold protection suit. Continue reading

Temperature Regulation:
With the use of cold storage suits, workers can successfully control their body temperature, staying warm and comfortable even at subfreezing temperatures.
Protection from Cold:
These suits provide a vital layer of insulation, shielding the user from the harmful consequences of prolonged exposure to extremely low temperatures, including hypothermia and frostbite.
Moisture Management:
Our clothes are impervious to moisture thanks to several features that keep workers dry and minimize the discomfort that comes with being wet.
Flexibility and Mobility
Because cold storage suits don't restrict movement, employees may operate fast and efficiently to do their tasks.
Workplace Efficiency
By making people feel cozier and more at ease in their workplace, these suits aid employees in increasing their output and focus.

Explore Our Versatile Product Selection

Hicare Protective Wear is a well-known brand that keeps workers safe and comfortable in hazardous environments while shielding them from bitter colds. As a reputable manufacturer, we provide a broad selection of cold protection options designed to satisfy the demands of various industries. Our selection comprises:

Cold Protection Suit:
A Cold Protection suit provides robust protection against cold temperatures. Combining an efficient design with the best available insulation results in a comfortable and functional product.
Cold Storage Jacket:
Our cold storage jackets allow employees to operate productively in below-freezing conditions by continuously providing warmth and insulation. The purpose of these jackets is to keep things cold in storage facilities.
Freezer Jacket:
Our freezer jackets offer the best protection possible, shielding wearers from bitter cold while maintaining comfort. The demands of freezer rooms informed the design of these jackets.
Cold room thinsulate coverall
Synthetic insulation, like Thinsulate, is well known for being incredibly warm and dense overall. Many items of clothing and accessories intended for cold climates include thinsulate. An excellent choice for warmth and comfort in cold climates is a protective garment called a Thinsulate coverall.
Thermal Suit
With the help of advanced materials that are incredibly good at insulating, thermal suits are able to retain and trap body heat. People who go hiking, ice fishing, or camping in the winter, activities when warmth is essential for comfort and safety.
Cold Resistant Suit
Professionals can confront freezing weather with the confidence that comes from knowing that their wearer is well-prepared with our Cold Resistant Suits.
Cold Room Storage Suit
Storage in a Cold Room Special consideration goes into designing suits that meet the unique needs of working below zero. In order to maintain consumables or support industrial operations, these suits can withstand severe circumstances when held below room temperature.
Cold Room Hand Gloves:
Cold storage spaces and cold rooms are the intended uses for cold room hand gloves. The purpose of their insulation is to keep them warm. When working below freezing, this prevents the hands from becoming numb and chilly. These gloves often consist of materials that provide warmth for the hands. Additionally, they could have added functions like moisture absorption or water resistance to keep the hands dry.
Freezer Gloves
While ordinary gloves serve the same purpose, freezer gloves are designed to withstand much lower temperatures than those seen in conventional cold storage rooms. The purpose of freezer gloves is to shield you from the bitter cold and keep your hands even warmer. To keep the hands as warm and comfy as possible, they may employ sophisticated materials and typically have thicker cushioning layers.

Maintenance Tips for Your Cold Resistant Suit by Hicare Protective Wear

The greatest manufacturer and exporter in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Hicare Protective Wears, is committed to making sure your cold-resistant suit performs at its peak throughout the duration of its useful life. To extend the life and improve the functionality of your suit, apply these upkeep suggestions:

Cleaning Guidelines
Observe the washing instructions included with the outfit. A moist towel and some mild soap are generally sufficient to clean a cold-resistant suit. Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals on the cloth as they may cause harm.
Proper Storage
Hang your suit in a dry, cool location when not in use. As this might harm the materials, avoid placing it in direct sunlight or close to a source of heat.
Zipper Care
Regularly clean and grease zippers with a silicone-based zipper fluid. This stops them from breaking or becoming trapped.
Avoid Overexertion
Don't overwork yourself, even if cold-resistant clothes are designed for extreme weather. Sweating excessively within the suit might cause moisture to accumulate and reduce its insulating value.

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