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Cold Storage Suit

Hicare Protective Wear has established itself as a reliable and well-known name in Manufacturing, Supplying, and Exporting cold storage suit.

Cold Storage Suit

A Cold Storage Suit, also called a freezer suit or cold weather suit, is a specialized piece of protective clothing for people who work in cold places like cold storage facilities, freezer rooms, refrigerated warehouses, and other similar places.

The "COLD Shield" Cold Protection freezer suit's outer layer is 100% polyester cloth. Polyester is a flexible, long-lasting material that doesn't wear down, tear, or stretch. This choice of fabric not only makes the suit last longer but also makes sure that it can hold up in tough places like cold storage facilities.

Specifications of Hicare's cold storage suit

Outer Shell Special aluminised para-aramid blend fabric, tested according to NFPA 1971 standard.
Moisture Barrier PTFE Moisture Barrier fabric
Thermal Barrier Blend quilted with inherent flame resistance fabric
Flame-Resistant Layer Made With Flame resistance fleece fabric.
Suit Components
  • A jacket and trousers crafted from aluminised para-aramid blend fabric, featuring a built-in backside facility for a Breathing Apparatus Set (B.A Set).
  • Gloves with five fingers designed for protection against radiant heat.
  • The hood features a special glass visor with 24 Carat Gold Vapor deposition for excellent radiant heat resistance.
  • The shoes should feature dual rear fastening and a Velcro fastening strap for securing them inside the aluminised overcoat.
Temprature Range
  • Ambient Heat 815°C
  • Aluminised radiant heat resist 1650°C
  • Total Flame Resistance 1093°C
Brand : coldshield
Test & Certifications: Tested as per EN 1486 standard

Key Features Of Cold Storage Suit

  • Jacket and Trousers made from 100% polyester fabric with reflective tape on the shoulder, sleeves, and bottom.
  • Fleece fabric with flame-resistant properties.
  • Additional insulation for extreme warmth and moisture control, ensuring water resistance.
  • Soft Fleece Fabric lining for enhanced comfort.
  • Engineered for temperatures as low as -20°C.
  • Sealed seams prevent cold air and moisture penetration.
  • High-quality materials ensure long-lasting performance.
  • Adjustable closures ensure a snug fit.
  • Moisture management keeps the interior dry.
  • High-quality craftsmanship for durability.
  • Rigorously tested for effective performance in sub-zero conditions.
  • Full-body jacket and trouser offer complete protection in cold environments.

Applications Of Cold Storage Suit

Cold Storage Facilities
Cold Storage Facilities
Food Processing Industry
Food Processing Industry
Frozen Food Industry
Frozen Food Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Logistics and Warehousing
Logistics and Warehousing
Outdoor Work in Cold Climates
Outdoor Work in Cold Climates
Refrigerated Transport
Refrigerated Transport
Emergency Services and Disaster Response
Emergency Services and Disaster Response

Advantages Of Cold protection suit

Being a manufacturer and exporter in Madhya Pradesh, India, Hicare Protective Wear knows the advantages of high-quality cold storage suits for various sectors. Here we are providing some advantages of Cold protection suit. Read more

Temperature Regulation:
Cold storage suits are designed to regulate body temperature effectively, enabling workers to remain warm and comfortable even in freezing conditions.
Protection from Cold:
These suits offer an essential layer of insulation, protecting the wearer from the severe effects of long periods of extremely low temperatures, such as frostbite and hypothermia.
Moisture Management:
Our garments have qualities that make them resistant to moisture, so they keep employees dry and prevent the suffering caused by wetness.
Flexibility and Mobility
Cold storage suits are designed not to restrict movement, enabling workers to complete their responsibilities quickly and effectively.
Workplace Efficiency
These suits help workers enhance their productivity and concentration by making them feel warmer and more comfortable in their work environment.

Explore Our Versatile Product Selection

Hicare Protective Wear is a well-known name for protecting people from extreme colds and ensuring they are safe and comfortable while working in dangerous places. As a well-known manufacturer, we offer a wide range of cold protection solutions that are made to meet the needs of many different businesses. Our range includes:

Cold Protection Suit:
Cold Protection suit offers a hard defense against cold weather. The unbeatable advanced insulation with a streamlined layout provides comfort and performance.
Cold Storage Jacket:
Our cold storage jackets provide continuous warmth and insulation, enabling workers to work effectively in temperatures below zero. These jackets have been specifically designed for use in frigid storage facilities.
Freezer Jacket:
Our freezer jackets provide optimal protection, keeping wearers comfortable and protecting them against extreme cold. These jackets were designed to meet the demands of freezer rooms.
Cold room thinsulate coverall
Insulation made of synthetic materials such as Thinsulate is renowned for its overall thickness and exceptional warmth. Thinsulate can be found in various garments and accessories designed for cold weather. A Thinsulate coverall is a protective garment incorporating Thinsulate insulation to provide superior warmth and comfort in cold environments.
Thermal Suit
Thermal suits are made of high-tech materials that are exceptionally effective at insulation, so they can trap and keep body heat. People who do ice fishing, winter camping, and mountaineering, where staying warm is crucial for safety and comfort.
Cold Resistant Suit
Our Cold Resistant Suits provide professionals with the self-assurance they need to face frigid conditions, as they can be sure that the wearer is geared up with solid protection.
Cold Room Storage Suit
Cold Room Storage Suits are designed carefully to satisfy the one-of-a-kind requirements of operating in situations below zero. These suits can endure harsh conditions when temperatures are kept below room temperature to preserve consumables or facilitate industrial activities.
Cold Room Hand Gloves:
Cold Room Hand Gloves are made to be used in cold storage areas or cold rooms. They are insulated to provide thermal protection. This keeps the hands from getting cold and numb when working below zero. Most of the time, these gloves are made of materials that keep the hands warm. They may also have extra features like water resistance or absorbing moisture to keep the hands dry.
Freezer Gloves
Freezer Gloves accomplish the same thing as regular gloves, but they are made to be used in freezers, which are made to keep temperatures even lower than in regular cold storage rooms. Freezer gloves are made to keep your hands even warmer and protect you from extreme cold. They usually have thicker padding layers and may use advanced materials to keep the hands as warm and comfortable as possible.

Maintenance Tips for Your Cold Resistant Suit by Hicare Protective Wear

Hicare Protective Wears is the best manufacturer and exporter in Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra, India is dedicated to ensuring that your cold-resistant suit keeps working at its best over time. Follow these maintenance tips to make your suit last longer and work better:

Cleaning Guidelines
Follow the directions for cleaning that came with the suit. You can usually clean a cold-resistant suit with a damp cloth and some light soap. Don't use strong chemicals or rough things on the fabric because they could damage it.
Proper Storage
When you're not wearing your suit, hang it up in a cool, dry place. Don't put it in full sunlight or next to any source of warmth, as this can damage the materials.
Zipper Care
Use a silicone-based zipper fluid to clean and grease zippers regularly. This keeps them from getting stuck or broken and prevents them from getting stuck or damaged.
Avoid Overexertion
Even though cold-resistant suits are made for harsh conditions, don't push yourself too hard. If you sweat too much inside the suit, wetness can build up, making it less insulating.

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